Why introverted people attract attention

Here are six reasons why introverts attract attention.

It is generally known that the human population is divided into two personality types, ie introverts and extroverts, but no one is absolutely introverted or extroverted. The behavior of most people varies depending on the situation. Both variants have their advantages, but also disadvantages. For some reason, introverted people interest and attract us more.

In our society, there are certain stereotypes about the appearance and behavior of a person. Most introverts don’t fit in the frames, so they’re often labeled as weird. However, they have something that attracts other people. Already in kindergarten or during a game in the sand, you will notice an introverted child because he is different from other children for some reason. You must have found yourself several times in the company of a person who, at least at first glance, does not show much interest in you, but still something pulls you towards her. What is so attractive about introverted people?

Many studies have addressed the question of why introverts are irresistible and despite preferring to be invisible, they attract attention. The reason for that are certain features that adorn them.

They have the gift to listen

Each of us, from time to time, needs someone who will listen to us, hear our wishes, views and simply accept us as we are. The universal rule is that people who know how to listen to magnets are for others. Many people are prone to the habit of talking more than listening, even if what they are saying is just empty words. It takes a lot of hard work to develop the ability to listen. Introverted people don’t have a problem with that, they know that they listen to you for hours and think about the problems you have with you. If you ask them, they will be happy to share your advice. Ironically, their desire not to be the center of attention helps them to express one of the most valued features of modern society.

They are mysterious and present a kind of challenge

Because introverted people rarely look for social interactions and do not need to pat them on the shoulder, they will rarely flatter people. Also, it is unlikely that he will reveal something about himself in front of you, not even a part of his intimacy.
For some reason, people are attracted to exactly what they can’t have. What they have to fight for is irresistible. If introverts are aware of their values, they will let you work hard to get them. For the impatient, it can lead to madness, and for others it is simply an irresistible temptation.

They are empathetic

A study called Lemon Juice Study proved that introverts are more sensitive than extroverts. The essence of the research was that they gave both groups of people only a drop of lemon juice, and the scientists observed which of them would secrete more saliva. They have been proven to be introverted people. The so-called reticular formation in the brain is responsible for this effect, which also affects the reactions to the impulses of society. This means that introverts are more sensitive, and that sensitivity combined with the ability to listen to others is very interesting for people.

They are able to set aside their pleasure

Introverts are more willing than extroverts to set aside their current pleasure. That’s why they don’t mind waiting until you gain their attention and affection. As we mentioned, they are in some ways mysterious and interesting in the role of the unavailable. A less exciting, but still indisputably beautiful advantage is that those who are able to put aside their pleasure are better spouses, parents and can take better care of their family.

They make smart decisions

Most introverts give themselves enough time to think slowly about important things. This is often due to their ability to listen to others from whom they get a lot of information that they have to think about well. It also depends on the structure of their brain. A 2012 Harvard study by Randy Buckner shows that introverts have a thicker layer of gray matter in the prefrontal cortex. This part of the brain is responsible for abstract things and decision making. This means that introverts do not need much time to make a decision because they are indecisive or lack self-confidence. Before the final decision, they think about all the alternatives. Of course, their decisions later are very firm.

They are loyal

During social activities, introverts consume much more energy than extroverts. That is why they like to spend time alone and know how to appreciate a little loneliness. They dedicate the time they decide to spend in society to the people they care about. Introverted people do not consider a large network of friendships essential and necessary. They choose a narrow circle of friends they really care about and give them their heart.

Contrary to the fact that introverted people may seem like a strange and unusual part of the population, what is hidden in them is valuable.

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