Why do we post content on social media?

People simply like to talk about themselves or what is a matter of their interest. They devote about 30 to 40% of their time talking about themselves. But that percentage grows to as much as 80% when it comes to social networks. Why is it like that? Face-to-face conversation is a bit chaotic and implies emotional involvement – we don’t have time to think about what and how to say, we often have to read the gestures of the face and body in order to see the reaction of the interlocutor. Online we have time to edit and perfect what we write and what we want to say. This is what psychologists call self-presentation: positioning the way they want to see you.

The feeling we get from self-presentation is so strong that by looking at our own Facebook profile we increase our self-esteem. What is also interesting for traders is that the most common way we perform self-presentation is through the things we buy or own.

Things, and therefore brands, are a good part of what sets us apart. So, it is necessary to understand what aspirations are aroused by your brand with which your customers can identify.

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