Which animal sleeps the longest

It is known that bears hibernate, that there are some animals that are more lazy than others – so they spend more time resting than they are awake and active.

Of course, all animals need to sleep to rest, but some species need more sleep than others.

Which animal spends the most time sleeping?

If you have a pet cat, you may notice that they play and walk much less than they sleep. Wherever they find a convenient place – they settle down and sleep. During the day I can also spend 11-12 hours sleeping.

However, they are not the only ones who like to spend half a day sleeping. Squirrels sleep until 1 pm during the day, and spend the rest of the time looking for food and eating it.

An even bigger sleeper than a squirrel is – a hamster that can sleep for 14 hours. Those who have exactly these animals for pets, know that the hamster runs around his cage a bit – and then he definitely gets some sleep. And so in a circle.

With a big title goes a large number of hours of sleep during the day – at least that’s the case with the king of animals, the lion. He can sleep from 14 to 16 hours a day.

However, there are animals that sleep longer than lions. Lemurs spend 16 hours a day in deep sleep, while opossums and armadillos need to be awake for five hours a day.

The sloth, as his name suggests, is not the most active in the animal world, and to justify his name – he sleeps 20 hours a day. However, in this he is defeated by the koala – which is usually only two hours awake during the day.

Champion in sleep

Even with all the listed animals that can sleep from half to almost all day – every day, none of them is a champion in sleeping.

It would certainly not beat a large number of animal species in the speed of movement, but when it comes to the length of sleep, it is invincible – a snail!

It is enough for snails to be slimy and moist, in order to stay alive, and everything else is less important to them. This is how a kind of snail manages, so by burying it in the ground, which is of a suitable quality, they can maintain the mucous membrane of their body without doing anything.

This is exactly the way snails can sleep for up to three and a half years! When they are underground, they are in a state of hibernation – when they are not consumed, so they do not even need food.

Snails don’t usually sleep that long, but after the time they regularly spend sleeping, they still beat other animals, because their sleep usually lasts – about a week!

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