When to wash your hair – morning or evening

Solution to the eternal dilemma: Should I wash my hair in the morning or in the evening? Washing your hair seems like one of life’s easier tasks, but it actually hides a few secrets that make a big difference.

Many women (and men) complain that their hair looks greasy and lifeless the first morning after washing. However, the trick is that the hair is not actually greasy, it just looks that way because it has not dried properly.

If you wash your hair in the evening, it stays just a little damp, but enough to completely straighten during sleep and lose density. Wet hair is more sensitive than dry hair, and during the night it is rubbed on the pillow and tangled, which leads to cracked ends and a messy hairstyle. Avoid that scenario and replace the evening hair wash with the morning one.

If you need another reason to change your evening hair washing routine, there are fungi. They love wet and warm places, and there is nothing better than wet hair and a soft pillow. Ritual sleep with wet hair can lead to the multiplication of fungi or mold on the scalp, which can potentially lead to more serious problems and dandruff. Due to the warm and humid conditions, spores can develop on the pillow, which in turn cause breathing problems and allergies.

Remember that your hair should be washed twice, not once, with very small amounts of shampoo. A quantity of two 20 pfennig coins is enough for each wash. Proper and good rinsing is just as important as shampooing. Christope Robin, stylist and hairdresser of world famous stars, shared a few tricks for shiny and beautiful hair.

Comb your hair first so you don’t have to do it after washing, when it’s wet. You should never comb wet hair. It is very stressful for her and causes cracked ends, Robin explains and adds that it is not bad to apply a little almond oil on the hair before shampooing, so that the ends are nourished and healthy.

When it comes to conditioner, apply it only on the tips. Do not place it near the scalp as it will make it greasy. Conditioner should be rinsed well just like shampoo. When it comes to hair, there is not too much rinsing, because that way you remove fat and dirt from the scalp and hair.

Lastly, do not rub or dry your washed hair with a coarse towel. This will further damage the hair and cause cracked ends. A much better choice is a soft cotton T-shirt that will absorb all the excess water well and leave your hair healthy and soft.

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