When is the best time to sleep?

A problem that plagues many. We are too busy, we always have something else to do and we never go to bed on time and wake up tired. Scientists who have been dealing with the quality of sleep for decades.

When to go to bed

Dr. Matt Walker from the Center for Neurology in California says that it is not a true myth that every hour we spend in sleep before midnight counts twice and that we are more rested because of that.

“Sleep time depends on the quality and structure of your sleep. What is important is that you are in bed between 8pm and midnight,” explains Dr. Walker.

Matt Walker claims that there are “morning birds” and “owls”, ie people whose biorhythm is as it is, but “night birds” suffer the most in the long run when it comes to sleep quality.

Walker believes that “night birds” (people who stay up late) have to lie down more often at 9 or 10 in the evening in order for their organism to get into rhythm after a certain time.

The doctor thinks that it is best to change the time of lying down and getting up for a couple of days, and for everyone to find the best time for bed and waking up, and to stick to that rhythm, because only in that way will the organism rest properly.
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