When, after all, it is better to lie than to tell the truth

The word lie in itself is ugly while the word truth is highly respected, so how is it possible that sometimes it is still better to tell a lie instead of the truth? You should not look at everything in black or white, therefore there are situations when it is better to lie than to tell the truth, and when it is still smarter to tell a lie and not the truth, read below.

Sometimes we just have to lie a little … We are taught from childhood that honesty is always the best solution for everyone. And, most often it is so. But life often makes exceptions, even in honesty. That is why the time has come when we would rather lie than tell the truth.

This is probably one of the most obvious situations when we should be lying. In those moments, it is very important to encourage the sick person and not allow him to give up the fight for his life. That is why we are forced to lie about his or her exact diagnosis.

Answers to children’s questions

Raising a child is not easy when the child is very curious and has a million questions about everything around him. Basically, there are many ugly aspects of life that children should not be exposed to, while their minds are still sensitive. It’s best to lie about some ugly things while your child is still young.

Calming for your parents

Your parents did the best they could to raise and nurture you in the best possible way, but they are also aware of their flaws and the mistakes they have made. No matter what, there comes a time when they need your confirmation of their success. And this is one of the situations in which you should probably lie, let the past be the past, and even if they made mistakes, don’t point them out, but let them know that you think they did everything perfectly.

Just make your friends happy

And it’s not like you enjoy your friends’ hobbies. If your friend does something that makes him happy and proud of himself and asks you for your opinion, it is best not to tell him that you are not really interested in his special achievement and thus demoralize him. Then it’s best to agree on how you think he did a great job.

Strengthening the connection

Every relationship should be based on trust and honesty, but little white lies are sometimes the best glue that will keep you together. If you would rather not lie to your partner, then neutrality is best, ie. To keep quiet about something, before you tell the truth and break his heart. And, of course, only small white lies are justified.

On his deathbed

This is definitely a situation where you should lie, instead of telling the absolute truth, if it will bring peace to the person who is dying, no matter what it is.

Dating and socializing over the internet

When you correspond with someone over the Internet, you do not know them well enough to share all your personal information with that person. If he asks you for any information that you do not feel comfortable answering, the best way to agree is for your own safety.

Make someone feel happy

If you are not hurting anyone by telling a small lie, but on the contrary, someone feels better because of it, then you should lie. For example, if someone is worried about their appearance after an illness, there is nothing wrong with telling them to look good when you meet them.

As you can see, there are definitely situations where we should lie, but it is important that these lies will not disturb your personal interests or hurt anyone else. It’s okay to lie a little sometimes, if that will make the world look better and if it will make someone happy.

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