Whatsapp will delete messages after 24 hours

Last year, WhatsApp added the option to send messages that disappear after a while.

We then criticized this popular correspondence app for several reasons.

First, most rival apps largely possess such a feature that is done in a much better way, and another even more important criticism was how long it takes an WhatsApp app to delete a message from a conversation. If you don’t know, it takes even seven days for the message to be deleted from the conversation history.

After more than half a year, WhatsApp decided to improve that option, and it was noticed on the Beta version of this application that an option was added that destroys messages after 24 hours!

This option will be available on all WhatsApp platforms, including Android devices! Users will still be able to choose the seven-day option if they wish, but it is not yet known whether the new settings will be available to group chat moderators as well.

It is assumed that the new option will appear in a few months, if of course it leaves the testing phase. Although such add-ons are more than welcome, our advice is to use other applications of similar services, such as private messages and those that are disappearing. Implementing messages that disappear on WhatsApp still has its flaws.

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