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What’s new in the world of Instagram and Facebook?

If there are those who are bothered to see how enthusiastic users are about their posting on Instagram, now is the time to say so. Specifically, to choose an option that hides the number of likes below the post. It is a test for which it is not known how long it will last, but it is known that it could soon affect Facebook users as well.

The company that is part of technology conglomerate Mark Zuckerberg has announced a “small global test” that will present users with three options when it comes to the number of likes: the option not to see the number of varnishes on all posts, then to exclude the number of varnishes for their own posts. a version where likes are seen everywhere.

This builds on the initial check of Instagram, in selected countries of the world, in order for users to like that no one sees how many likes there are.

In that case, users had no choice but to be able to see the number of varnishes.

Representatives of the popular social network then told users that he wanted people to “focus on the photos and videos they share, and not on how many likes they have.”

Influential instagramers initially worried that this could affect contracts with brands and companies, because that kind of reaction to their posts would not be public.

However, users could privately see the likes of the posts and share them with customers.

However, providing a more personalized experience when it comes to likes could be the right way for Instagram, because in that way users who are aware of how much they are affected by the public display of the number of hearts below the post and avoid it.

At the same time, the function of tracking the number of likes would enable those who want to follow it.

What will Facebook test?

Facebook also checked how its users like hiding the number of likes in 2019.

Apart from the fact that the likes were hidden, it was impossible to find out how many views the video contents shared on this social network have.

It is not known whether the new test would be applied to all these parameters or only to the likes of the posts.

A new test on Facebook has not yet been launched.

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