What would happen if people disappeared from the planet?

Would it be better for our planet and other living beings on it if Homo sapiens simply disappeared?

What would happen if people suddenly disappeared from the face of the Earth, as in the series “The Leftovers”?

That is the topic that the editors of the YouTube channel “Unveiled” dealt with, two years before the global coronavirus epidemic increased the interest in such and similar crazy, apocalyptic scenarios.

First, referring to the destructive influence that Homo sapiens has on the natural processes of our planet, noting that all other beings would probably “profit”, as well as the Earth itself, this thought experiment begins with chaos.

In fact, if we suddenly disappeared, simply evaporated, there would be a period of terrible destruction during which other living beings would not be at all nice, because there would be no one to drive moving cars, buses, trains, planes, machines, power plants of all kinds.

The electricity would go out, although the hydroelectric power plants would probably continue to produce it for some time without any problems. There would be floods caused by the shutdown of underground pumps in cities where their work is necessary, there would be a sewage spill, but that would be the smallest problem for the planet.

A much bigger problem would be nuclear power plants that would cause catastrophes, as well as chemical factories that would start releasing huge amounts of toxic substances, because without electricity they cannot remain stable.

Tens of billions of domestic animals – dogs, cats, birds, cows, pigs, sheep, goats and others – would remain trapped and probably die en masse, except for those who would be able to free themselves and go outside, where they would have to start fighting. for survival, from which they are largely weaned. Together with the animals that are currently in zoos, whose survival would also depend on the possibility of escape.

In the short term, the planet would not have written well without us.

In the long run, the planet would breathe.

Its new masters, animals, would live in harmony with nature, since they do not have a tendency to pollute it. Moreover, after two centuries, the atmosphere would begin to cool and return to normal; the ozone layer would be renewed even before that.
Plants would spread unhindered, and the ravages of time would slowly crown all traces of our existence, and in a thousand years nothing we had done would be visible anymore; what would survive countless fires, earthquakes, storms and other natural disasters, would cover the vegetation.

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