What plants can save us from mosquitoes

Find out which seven plants can save you from mosquitoes. Instead of various mosquito sprays, which can irritate your skin, plant these useful plants in vases and enjoy the many benefits.


Marigold flower is healing, it is an important ingredient in tea blends that eliminate problems in the digestive tract, cleanses blood vessels and relaxes them. Marigold is a very useful and beautiful flower. Its specific smell is not liked by mosquitoes at all. Those who have a garden with vegetables should sow marigolds abundantly, because they also repel insects that attack tomatoes. Marigold, therefore, should be planted among the rows of tomatoes for additional protection.


Lavender can be used in many ways and deserves to find a place in the yard or on the balcony. The scent of lavender repels intruders, and when it dries and puts in canvas bags, it also repels moths.


Although basil leaves are most often used to enrich the taste of a dish, the health benefits of consuming it have almost no end. Green leaves are a natural antibiotic and act on bacteria and fungi, and at the same time revitalize the skin. Basil is the most famous mosquito repellent plant in our nation. It is also useful as a spice, and flies don’t like its smell either. It grows extremely easily in pots, so they should be arranged in front of the window, next to the door and on the balcony.


Mint or mint is also a useful ally in the fight against mosquitoes. The smell of mint also irritates wasps, ants, flies … Mint tea calms the body before going to bed and helps you fall asleep easier. Reduces headaches and stomach upsets caused by stress.


Lemon balm (melissa) scatters various beetles, so it should be planted near the front door. The problem is if the door is on the north side, because the mother plant likes the sun or semi-sunny parts, and at the same time it needs moist soil with good drainage. Also, when received, lemon balm grows quickly. Therefore, it is best to plant it in pots and move it to the desired place. Lemongrass can greatly affect the quality of our sleep, so it is often recommended as a natural remedy for insomnia, as well as for anxiety, depression and tension.


Sage, sage or Latin Salvia officinalis (from the word salvare, meaning to save or heal) has been used since time immemorial to treat almost every disease. Until the discovery of antibiotics, sage tea was used for sore throats, sore throats, hoarseness, inflammation of internal organs … An additional benefit is that its intense smell bothers mosquitoes.


If you plan to hang out outdoors, you can light a small fire in the old barbecue. Put a little sage or rosemary in it. The smell that will spread after that will be pleasant for your nose, but unpleasant for mosquitoes.

Scientists at the University of Cincinnati have proven the old belief that the scent of rosemary stimulates memory. Rosemary stimulates circulation and blood flow to the brain and thus improves concentration and cures headaches.

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