What connects all intelligent people

At first it may seem like an absurd thing, but it is not. All intelligent people are connected by one. Do you know what that is?

They are not afraid to ask questions.

They learn, because they ask. They are constantly discovering new things because they are asking questions. They are constantly expanding their views as they ask questions. An old Chinese proverb says: He who asks is stupid for only five minutes. He who does not ask will be stupid all his life.

We could say that intelligence depends on the ability to ask good questions. No one can know everything. The whole life could be dedicated to the study of something, without even that being enough to master the whole matter. People discover new information every day, constantly supplementing previous knowledge, which makes the process never end. Research has shown that less intelligent people tend to overestimate their capabilities. An intelligent man is one who realizes that there is much that he still does not know and does not hesitate to admit it.

Albert Einstein once said: I don’t have any special talent, I’m just passionately curious. False curiosity is a common trait of highly intelligent people. Intelligent people are constantly asking questions. When they get an answer, they ask the next question. If you explain something to them in a way they don’t understand, they will ask again. If they hear something they find interesting, they will write it down and remember it, and in case the answer does not satisfy their appetites for knowledge, they will seek a second opinion and carefully search for evidence. They are constantly dedicated to new topics and explore them in detail, and the greatest joy brings them the discovery of new things.

There is an opinion that intelligent people have no right to make mistakes. Things are just the opposite. Intelligent people make the same mistakes as everyone else, but they understand their mistakes as life lessons. They know that mistakes are an integral part of life. No one is perfect and anyone can make mistakes. Intelligent people use mistakes as an investment in themselves, that is, as something they will learn and thus become better at.

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