What are the most important questions that science is trying to figure out

No matter how much science has advanced in the last two hundred years, there is still much that we do not understand and cannot explain. Today, we have compiled a list of several questions for you that science has not yet been able to find an answer to.

What does the universe consist of?

The universe is endless and huge, and at the same time it is constantly expanding. However, we can only explain between 5 and 20 percent of the universe. The rest is dark matter, which we don’t even know what it is. Dark matter is invisible and cannot be detected, so scientists assume that it exists, because measurements of mass and gravity show that. The only way to explain the discrepancy between what is seen and all the forces present is precisely dark matter.

How did life come about?

Life is a mystery. Life on Earth is thought to have originated about 3 to 4 billion years ago, but no one can explain how or under what conditions. Many scientists have tried to replicate the conditions on Earth from that period in their laboratories, in the hope that they will be able to create life, but we could not do anything significant.

Are we alone in space?

Since the universe is an vast space, in accordance with all the laws of probability, there should be life somewhere else. Scientists have even discovered planets that have the same conditions as Earth. It is speculated that life may exist, but that we do not have the tools to detect it, or that aliens may be very intelligent, so they are hiding.

What is consciousness?

Scientists still cannot agree with the definition of consciousness. Can animals also have consciousness? Is it possible to make robots that are aware? Is consciousness just an illusion of our brain? Is there free will or is everything conditioned? These are all questions to which we still do not have a definitive answer.

Are there other worlds?

The human senses are limited and may not be enough to perceive everything that really exists. We can only deal with three dimensions, but many mathematicians today think in multiple dimensions. Maybe there are other worlds in other dimensions.

What is at the bottom of the ocean?

We know much more about the universe than we do about the interior of our oceans. The oceans are quite inaccessible, but it is assumed that we know only about five estimates of the contents of the world’s oceans. The endless depths are inaccessible to us, because sunlight does not reach there and there is a huge pressure. What scientists have managed to find are very exotic creatures, which glow in the dark and emit radiation. Check out a great TED talk on the subject. Select Serbian as the language to include translation.

How to stop global warming?

The reality is that man’s actions significantly destroy the environment. Global warming and increased carbon dioxide emissions are seriously changing the climate. The industrialized countries that are the biggest culprits are trying to cover it up, but the situation is becoming more and more worrying. It is not known how and whether it will be possible to fix the situation until it is too late.

Will we be able to live forever?

Many scientists believe that scientific and medical progress will lead to all diseases being cured, aging being stopped and people being able to live forever. Of course, people could still die if they were run over by a car, for example, but they will stop dying of disease and old age. The most optimistic believe that this will happen in 2050, but that it will be available only to rich people from rich countries. With immortality come new problems, but maybe it’s all just imagination and maybe man will never succeed.

What is in the black holes?

Black holes represent points of no return with a huge force of gravity, where all matter is sucked in, so even light cannot escape it. Time and space are curved there. All the matter there is sucked in at one point, but scientists are still not sure how black holes work.

Is time travel possible?

Believe it or not, there are theories in physics that prove that time travel is possible. Theories are too complicated to explain to me, but they are recognized in science. Stephen Hawking refutes them, believing that by now tourists from the future would have come to us, if time travel was possible. Other scientists believe that the passengers are already there, but they are hiding. All in all, time travel brings with it certain paradoxes. One of the well-known paradoxes is the grandfather paradox. What would happen if someone went back to the past, at a time when his grandfather had not yet married and killed him. Then a paradox arises, because if the grandfather was killed, then his grandson would not be born, so he would not be able to travel through time.

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