What are the benefits of swimming

Swimming is the most complete physical exercise. Being an active swimmer means helping you feel better and live longer. It improves your mood and helps you sleep better and healthier. Swimming will help you control your body weight and allows you to improve your overall body coordination. You burn twice as many calories in water than dry exercise, and half an hour in water is like two hours of dry exercise. Swimming is therefore a fun, painless activity and you will not notice you sweating at all.

You will often hear it said that swimming is the best form of exercise. But what is it that makes swimming such a great way for one person to become and stay active?

The reasons for jumping into the water and swimming are quite clear:

– 30 minutes of uninterrupted swimming in the track burns over 200 calories – so over 400 in one hour.

– Any swimming that encourages you to breathe harder is counted as a moderate activity. Even when you go to the sea or enter a pool that is shallow, stepping in the water requires some effort on your part, so most of the time while you are in the water you are actually working. But remember that chatting somewhere in the corner of the shallows only develops facial muscles.

– Exercising in water allows for different levels of exercise difficulty – allowing everyone to exercise – from beginners to professional athletes.

– In addition to the fact that water allows greater elasticity during exercise, exercising in water consumes more calories than when you exercise classic exercise.

– If you are a beginner – you do not have to buy expensive exercise equipment – it is enough to go to the pool.

– Due to the higher resistance that water provides during exercise – you are more protected from injuries while exercising.

– Because your muscles are surrounded by water – while training in this way, you also practice hydromassage.

– If you exercise in an indoor pool – you have the opportunity to train all year round, and during the summer this is an ideal opportunity to refresh yourself.

– When you exercise in water, your load is only 50% of your total body weight. Because of this, this type of exercise is much easier than others.

– Exercising in water strengthens muscle mass and allows greater flexibility of the body.

– Since exercising in water relieves stress and tension – you are more optimistic and you have more energy left to do everyday tasks.

Starting swimming is easier than you might think. It is a sport that can be practiced at any age, and it will provide entertainment, fitness, recreation, etc. to those who practice it. It will bring a great challenge to those who are serious about swimming and want to become the best through competitions and a well-structured development path. Swimming is a great way to be active for the rest of your life. Swimming will enable you complete body health:

– strong bones and muscles,
– healthy heart, lungs and veins
– enhances coordination, balance, posture and flexibility
– reduces the risk of being overweight
– reduces the risks of later development of heart disease, cancer and diabetes (type 2, according to some research, is a worrying increase in adolescents).

– For those who practice swimming, it provides valuable life abilities, such as Achieving goals, discipline, friendship and belonging, teamwork, and the greatest obvious benefit, the ability to potentially save a person’s life if faced with a drowning problem and help someone in a given problem.

– Everyone can join the swimming program, no matter what level of knowledge of swimming. There will always be places for both recreational and those who want to engage in competitive swimming. As in any sport, the most important thing is the desire to swim, the will to train and perseverance.

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