We will soon be able to make money on Twitter as well !

Thanks to one Twitter user, we now know how Twitter intends to implement the tip option.

Jack Dorsey and the Twitter team are constantly thinking of ways they can increase the number of users, but also monetize the popularity and current large user base of that network. Among the potential new options, the possibility of starting groups has been mentioned for some time, in order to connect users with the same interests such as sports, music, etc., but also two options thanks to which users of that network could start earning money.

One of these options are the so-called. super followers, ie a subscription to the network and profiles with which the followers would receive some exclusive content that would not be available to those who will not pay the subscription. Another such option should allow all Twitter users to tip people who follow and whose work they value. Thanks to one user of that network, this week we learned what the option of giving a tip to Twitter users should look like.

A banknote icon should appear on the profile of that social network, to the left of the options for tracking, notification and three-dot icons (clicking on it opens new options on this network). By clicking the mouse, that is, by touching the finger on the screen of the phone and tablet by that icon, a list of several platforms through which users will be able to pay will appear. Among them is the Cash App followed by Bandcamp, Patreon, PayPal and Venmo.

In addition to Twitter itself, this company is preparing a similar tip to give a tip within its competitor Clubhouse – Twitter Spaces.

Twitter is still silent about the new options, so it is not known when they could add a tip payment option to user profiles, and it is not known whether this option will be available to all users or only to some more popular ones, with more followers.

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