Viber introduced the grid view option

It’s time for another update of the Viber application, which will bring you a new, improved video call for up to 30 participants at once.

As the number of users in the same video call increased, a new type of screen display was enabled in Viber applications, called GRID VIEW.

This view is available to users of Viber v15.1.0.3 and slightly earlier versions of the application, and makes it easier to control and view all video participants.

On the desktop application, it is possible to watch all participants at once, and on mobile phones (iOS, Android and Huawei Mobile Services) it is enabled in groups of six participants at the same time. To reach each user group, simply swipe left and they will be in front of you.

For each user, you will see the bloat and its video or static image, depending on how the user decided to join the conversation.

On the desktop version of the Viber application, for all supported devices, you will have a video conferencing display at the same time, as well as messages on the left side of the screen, including the ability to correspond as if you were regularly in Viber chat mode.

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