Twitter prevents violence and insults

Twitter is trying to reduce violence on the social network by asking users to review and revise the responses they wanted to send.

Twitter announced on Wednesday that it has introduced the option of auditing accounts in English that use Twitter on Apple and Android.

To allow you to reconsider the answer, we introduce an option that gives you the ability to revise the answer before publishing if the vocabulary used is offensive,” Twitter executives said last year.

The Twitter user will have to revise the response if the message he wanted to send was rated by Twitter as potentially offensive, such as swearing or offensive remarks.

After a year of experimentation, Twitter claims that this will be useful.

“At the beginning of testing, users sometimes got requests unnecessarily because algorithms could not capture nuances in conversations and could not distinguish offensive remark from sarcasm and friendly ‘kidding.’ in disclosure, ”they posted on Twitter.

The data show that 34% of users revised their response or chose not to submit a response at all.

After being asked to do an audit once, users sent an average of 11% less offensive responses.

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