These are the greatest dinosaurs of all time

Planet Earth is a fascinating celestial body, not because of its size, nor because of some other properties, but because of the attribute that (as far as we know) separates it from others – living conditions. Throughout geological history, the Earth has been inhabited (and is inhabited) by incredible creatures, where we certainly belong.

Still, it’s hard to imagine any other creatures occupying the human imagination to a greater extent than dinosaurs, ancient reptiles that ruled the planet for more than 150 million years, before they became extinct about 65-66 million years ago, by the famous asteroid hitting Earth.

There were a variety of them – from fast-footed egg thieves, armored herbivores, monstrous predators like the T-rex, to the claws of armed raptors who kidnapped (almost) everything that moved.

When we talk about size, however, there is no colossal group of dinosaurs than sauropods, huge herbivores with long necks and equally long tails, whose gait shook the ground.

These are the largest ever discovered:

Amphicoelias fragilimus

Fossil remains of this dinosaur were found in the nineteenth century, but they were lost over time, and conclusions about the size of this sauropod are based on bone descriptions. The freest estimates are that it was an animal almost 60 meters long and weighing over 130 tons. If he really was of these dimensions, he was the undisputed titan of his days.


With a length of 35-40 meters and a weight between 75 and 100 tons, Argentinosaurus is an extinct colossus from Patagonia, a region in today’s Argentina (after which it got its name). It has long been thought that, after a period of growing up and vulnerability at that age, the adult Argentinosaurus, as one of the largest animals ever, would be immune to predators. Recent research shows otherwise…

Mamenchisaurus sinocanadorum

If we start from the fact that a large African elephant has 6 tons, we can only create an image in the head, what a sight it would be to see a creature that is ten to thirteen times heavier. Such was this long-necked giant, from whose walk the earth shook.


Even if you are not a fan of dinosaurs, you will probably remember the scenes from “Jurassic Park”, when the main characters meet Braciosaurus, a huge creature as high as “as far as the eye can see”.

From its fourteen meters in height, this giant was truly a colossus of its time. However, even he was not up to Sauroposeidon, when it is estimated that he looked at the world from a height of 18 to 20 meters. The mass was no stranger to him either. Between 50 and 65 tons. Impressive, isn’t it?

The list of giant dinosaurs goes on, and the big question is whether we will ever know for sure which one was actually the biggest and what it really looked like. But that doesn’t stop us from wondering. And to fantasize.

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