The strangest abilities of the human body

Here are some of the strangest abilities of the human body.

Have you ever felt joint pain before thunder? Have you experienced a sudden migraine during cold days? Did some scent remind you of a past event? Our bodies are capable of doing some inexplicable things. Experts decode the 8 strangest abilities of our body.

Joint pain can predict the weather

Stories of joint pain just before the rain are not “grandma’s stories”. Just before the storm, atmospheric pressure drops. The main sensory nerve endings of the joints register a relative increase in pressure due to excess fluid, which results in pain.

Ichi can signal to us that our body is too cold

How do we know that the temperature has dropped to a dangerous level? The eyes will tell us. When hypothermia becomes severe, the blood vessels in the eyes contract to conserve energy. This can lead to temporary blindness, which Kate Upton experienced when she was photographed in Antarctica. The temperature then dropped to -20.

Your pupils can reveal to others if you are in love

If you want to hide that you like someone, sit in the dim light. When you like someone, your pupils dilate.

This is due to the sympathetic nervous system, which controls the expansion of the pupils. This happens not only when you are in love, but also when you observe something beautiful.

The vagina can be aroused before the brain is aroused

A study from the Netherlands reveals that we may not always be aware when we are excited. Research has shown that the vagina can be aroused even before a woman becomes aware of it. This research supports the idea that “men are visual beings”.

Heart rate can predict the future

The results of one study claim that the human heart can sense certain events without any hints. Researchers from California and researchers from Italy showed the participants a series of photographs in an unpredictable order and studied their reactions.

Some photos were neutral, while others were supposed to provoke a reaction. Scientists have found that the heart rate increases 10 seconds before a stimulating image is shown, suggesting that the heart can sense when something beautiful or disturbing is about to happen. So listen to your heart.

The sense of smell can take you back in time

The sense of smell is a “magic time machine”. The odor centers in the brain are located within the limbic system, which is responsible for both emotions and memory. Smells, memory and feelings are deeply intertwined, so one scent can easily take you back several years.

Your eyes can predict that spring is coming

The weather outside can be terrible, but early allergies can indicate that warmer days are near. Pollen and the number of spores increase even before the time changes, and your eyes are the first to react to it, itching and tears.

The digestive system can give you incredible strength

Yes, a mother would really be able to lift a car if her children were under it. When the sympathetic nervous system warns you of danger, adrenaline is released, which speeds up the heart rate, speeds up breathing, dilates the pupils and shuts down the digestive system to allow the muscles to gather strength. Your digestive system can lend its energy to other processes in the body, and in risky situations this is even more pronounced.

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