The most important questions about cellulite

Women are often misled when it comes to their biggest nightmare – cellulite. They often fight against it by the wrong means, and they are not the best informed about what causes it and how they can prevent its appearance.

Cellulite most often occurs on the thighs and buttocks, but it can also appear on the abdomen, upper arms and chest. This aesthetic problem is more common in women, although men can also have it.

Skinny people don’t have cellulite?

The misconception is that skinny people do not have cellulite. Slim women can also have problems with cellulite, especially if their mothers had it.

Risk factors beyond your control

Genetics is one of the main factors in the occurrence of this unpleasant phenomenon. If your mother had cellulite, you probably will too. Hormonal changes in pregnancy and aging are also risk factors that you cannot control.

Risk factors that you influence

Although you can’t control all the factors, there are some things that can prevent cellulite from building up:

– frequent diet and weight gain,

– a diet high in carbohydrates,

– increase in total body fat,

– physical inactivity,

– insufficient fluid intake.

How to remove it

If cellulite causes an increase in fat deposits, it is logical that weight loss will be a good strategy. However, in some women with weight loss, cellulite may increase. Proper diet and exercise can also help get rid of cellulite.

Are the creams effective?

Retinol-based creams can help fight cellulite, because retinol stimulates the formation of a thicker layer of skin that covers lumps. Some studies suggest improvement with the use of methylxanthine creams, but their effectiveness is still in question. Herbal creams that contain ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, sweet clover and bitter gourd affect the circulation and can alleviate the problem.

Treatments and massages are only a temporary solution

Various treatments and anti-cellulite massages can partially neutralize the appearance of “orange peel”, but in most cases, cellulite returns after stopping the treatment. Laser therapies, radio waves, liposuction and mesotherapy are very expensive, and their effect is only temporary.

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