The guard house is healing, but it also protects the house from lightning

We would all like to transfer colorful flowers, decorative shrubs and medicinal herbs to houses and apartments at the beginning of autumn. It is important to find them a good place that is warm during the winter.

In addition to the large yard, we also grow plants in pots, and these are mostly plants that do not overwinter. In order for the plant planted in the pot to be healthy, it is important that the pot is made of natural materials. Ceramic or terracotta pots are mostly used.

The guardhouses that grow on the roofs of our grandmothers’ houses that were planted there to protect the house from lightning are actually the ones that are the most healing. Its Latin name means that it can live forever, and it is a precious plant that can help us preserve and restore our health.

Housekeeper is primarily used to treat ear infections by dripping fresh juice from the leaves of the housekeeper directly into the ear. We can’t dry the houseplant because it is a succulent plant, we only use it in fresh form. It can also be mixed with honey. It is popularly known that the housewife acts on the herpes zoster virus, and it can be used orally and externally, by smearing diseased parts of the skin.

It is important for guard houses to get a lot of light, and watering should be infrequent, because they can rot from too much moisture.

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