The future of working from home is working from everywhere

Working from a cafe, a restaurant on the beach, a park in a world metropolis or a wooden hut on a mountain used to sound tempting and a specific phenomenon, while today it is the everyday life of a large number of people whose nature of work allows them to work wherever they want.

The increase in the possibility of teleworking and the influence of modern technologies have increased the interest in the way of life of the so-called digital nomads, and more and more companies are allowing this option to their employees. Flexibility in choosing a place to work, the unlimited choice of opportunities and the freedom that this way of working brings, contribute to the expansion of the digital nomad community, which according to the latest statistics makes tens of millions of people around the world – and that number is constantly growing.

Contrary to popular belief, this lifestyle does not require a hefty budget – it is feasible to be a digital nomad with much lower incomes, as they often live minimalistly, allocating their budget for travel expenses, accommodation, coworking spaces and digital means of work instead of regular household expenses.

If you are already interested enough to learn more about this growing trend, read below what it takes to be successful in telecommuting. In addition to a laptop, a smartphone like the new Samsung Galaxy S21 can be very helpful:

Very good internet connection

First of all, a good and stable internet connection is needed for uninterrupted work. Even when you are in the woods, in a comfortable hut or on a deck chair, it is possible to connect to the network without any problems, thanks to the Auto Hotspot option. All you need to do is activate this option on your Galaxy S21 phone, and then on another device (laptop or tablet) in the WiFi settings select the network that will be automatically listed. That way, the internet you have on your phone will be available to you wherever you are. Samsung smartphones support 5G and 4G LTE networks around the world, and you can check with your service provider for details on international roaming charging and the networks used.

A battery that lasts and lasts

In order to be available to your colleagues and partners you work with during working hours, you need not be surprised by an empty battery during the day. The new S series models are powered by batteries of different capacities, so the S21 comes with a 4000mAh battery, the S21 + with a 4800mAh battery, while the S21 Ultra has a 5000mAh battery. However, the battery of the Galaxy S21 Ultra is not only long-lasting – in addition, it is also “smart”, as it remembers your application usage habits and optimizes power consumption based on that.

The Galaxy S21 series phones can also serve as an additional desktop – if you need to take notes during a Zoom meeting, the S Pen is the perfect choice for that. This useful tool, characteristic of Samsung Note and Tab devices, is now also compatible with the Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone, for first aid in situations when you need to write something down quickly and you don’t have a pen and paper at hand. Also, you can easily connect your mobile phone and other devices you use for work, to cross-share content between them.

Complete silence, whenever needed

Everyone who used to work from a cafe or a park knows how difficult it is to concentrate in the beginning and not pay attention to the surrounding murmur. Thanks to the active noise cancellation on the new model of wireless headphones Galaxy Buds Pro, which are perfectly combined with the S21 series of phones, it is possible to be completely isolated from the surrounding noise. Microphones placed on the inside and outside of the headphones monitor noise in real time, and a smart algorithm mutes or amplifies ambient sounds depending on their volume.

With all these benefits provided by modern technology, the lifestyle of the digital nomad has never been more tempting. Take full advantage of teleworking, to gain new experiences, without work and lack of time being an obstacle to traveling and enjoying distant destinations.

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