The first oral vaccine to be very effective against coronavirus

Animal studies have shown that the oral vaccine resulted in the production of antibodies

Clinical trials of the oral coronavirus vaccine could begin soon, and preliminary data are promising.

It is a vaccine called Oravax developed by the Israeli-American company Oramed Pharmaceuticals and the Indian company Premas Biotek. This vaccine is swallowed like a pill, so people could take it at home.

Animal studies have shown that the oral vaccine resulted in the production of antibodies that provide immunity against the coronavirus. Promising results have been achieved by giving only one Oravax capsule, which distinguishes this vaccine from the others that need to be received in two doses.

The co-founder of the company Premas Biotek told the Indian media that the vaccine is taken like a vitamin pill and that he is completely sure of its effectiveness. The results of animal testing will soon be published in a scientific journal.

Orameda director Nadav Kidron said that the oral vaccine would solve the logistical problem that is present in the world in the vaccination process, and he pointed out that the pill could also be taken at home.

Also, the vaccine could be stored in an ordinary refrigerator even at room temperature, which also eliminates the problem of storing standard vaccines that must be stored at extremely low temperatures. Kidron said that the oral vaccine could have fewer side effects.

Oravax Medical will be started for human testing in several countries according to latest research first country will be the United States, Israel, Mexico and Europe. Research should start very likely in July 2021.

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