The best games for Sony PS4 for 2021

There may not be too many beautiful and interesting things happening in the world, but that does not apply to the world of gaming. The past period has brought us a new Sony console that has aroused great interest, but it has not diminished the popularity of its predecessor, the cult PlayStation 4. Far from it, this is still by far the best-selling console ever and the list of best PS4 games is impressive.

Whether you’re still on the original PlayStation 4 console that was rolled out back in 2013, or you’ve upgraded to a slightly more powerful PS4 Pro in the meantime, this console has a phenomenal library of video games no matter how picky you are.

Popular games for PS4 with which fun is guaranteed

Classic shooters, adventure, action, PS4 games for children, the list of genres and titles is long and covers all the interests of gamers. Whether you play alone or choose multiplayer and play online with friends, you will easily find the title that interests you. While it may be ungrateful to say what is best because tastes are different, there are still some choices that impose themselves.

Here are some of the most popular PS4 games with fun guaranteed:

FIFA 21 – a football game that absolutely everyone likes to play

FIFA 21 is the ultimate football game and is high on the top list in terms of quality. In order to conjure up as dynamic matches as possible, FIFA 21 for PS4 has improved player intelligence that monitors the movement of the ball on the virtual field. That way, players can position themselves in time whether they are attacking or defending.

This football game enables precise passing, blocking and interception of the ball, manual control of head shots and, of course, a large number of the strongest teams and football players of today. FIFA 21 is your chance to find yourself on some of the biggest football fields in the world, even if virtually, and the PS4 release is a great version of this title.

Horizon Zero Dawn will provide you with action and adventure in one

Horizon Zero Dawn is synonymous with popular PS4 games. As one of Sony’s most popular titles and four years after its premiere, this is a great option for anyone who loves adventure. Horizon Zero Dawn is also an action game played from a third-person perspective, set in the 31st century, a world where people live in scattered tribes while everything is controlled by robots known as “machines”. The main character of this digital game is Aloy, a hunter trying to cope with this post-apocalyptic chaos.

In doing so, she has an amazing set of skills and confronts her enemies in ingenious ways – setting traps, shooting arrows, destroying explosives, collecting parts from robots to use as weapons or to survive… Everything is accompanied by great graphics and countless possibilities for adventure and exploration, so it’s no surprise that Horizon Zero Dawn found itself on the list of best games for the Sony PlayStation 4.

The Spider-Man game for PS4 will revive your favorite childhood hero

Action games can only be good if they have a real action hero, and you will hardly find a better one from Spider-Man. This superhero, who marked the childhood of most kids, after comics, cartoons and movies, did great as a PS4 game for children. Spider-Man brings the best from the story of Spider-Man, and what makes him popular since the premiere are the good narrative, the characters, the way the fights are resolved, but also how Spider-Man moves its webs through the city.

It is especially interesting that Spider-Man for PS4 has a specially developed map of New York, which is divided into 800 parts to make all of Peter Parker’s adventures as realistic as possible, and for years he has been at the top of the list of best games for PS4.
A tense and very exciting adventure awaits you with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

PS4 games have some of the most important features in common – they bring excitement to gamers, give you the opportunity to develop your skills while playing and are always tense. Just like that is Uncharted The Lost Legacy, one of the titles that celebrated adventure games.

It will take you about seven hours to get through everything that the authors of Uncharted The Lost Legacy, which is actually part of the Uncharted franchise, another popular PS4 game, have prepared. This title has a brand new single player campaign and brings out some of the strongest female gaming characters. You play as a treasure hunter named Chloe Frazer, who finds herself in the middle of a civil war in India with a former assassin, another great heroine, Nadine Ross, and in a conflict with the ruthless Asawa and his army of mercenaries.

Uncharted The Lost Legacy can be very interesting even for those who are just slowly entering the world of PS4 games.

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