Take a look at what Telegram has brought with the latest version

One application that took advantage of Facebook’s negligence and the new terms of use of WhatsApp is Telegram.

For a reason, it was the most popular application at the beginning of the year, and every few months, this platform tries to keep users with new options.

If you missed what Telegram implemented in the previous period, click on the highlighted part of the sentence as there are really interesting news. Now this application introduces a payment system that allows bots to accept payments without the user leaving the application. For example, you can talk to a Telegram bot to order a pizza.

In their blog, they pointed out that “sellers can accept credit cards as a method of payment, through providers such as Stripe.” Telegram notes that they will not keep any information about payments, as well as that they do not take a commission from the purchase. Payment via the Telegram application is available in more than 200 countries, and among the providers are, in addition to Stripe and companies such as Yandex.Money, Sberbank, Tranzzo, Payme, Click, LiqPay and ECOMMPAY.

With a previous update, Telegram introduced group chats, which resemble the social network ClubHouse. They have now upgraded their version with additional options such as scheduling conversations and cheering reminders. With all that, users will be able to edit their mini profiles without having to leave the conversation.

Telegram has revealed that they have also updated the web version, so you can use as many as two versions of this application on the Internet browser, Telegram Web K and Telegram Web Z. Now you can download this application for Android devices on their official website if you wish. you want.

In addition to the new animations that significantly accelerated Telegram on Android devices, this application also got an improved video player. You can now rewind shots by tapping the right or left side of the screen, and if you double-click in one of these two directions, the video will switch forward or backward in ten seconds, depending on where you clicked. You can now zoom in on photos and videos directly from the conversation (with a standard thumb and forefinger stroke, that is, a pinch), without having to open them.

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