You should be proud of yourself

Don’t be afraid to show other people who you really are.

Do you know someone you find particularly attractive and cheerful? Take a moment to imagine that person in your head. What is it that particularly appeals to you about that person? She may have a charming voice and great laughter, but it can also be that you find her face especially expressive. That person is probably easy to smile and seems to always have radiant eyes.

A person who never expresses emotions and who never laughs is not very attractive. No matter how attractive or ordinary one’s facial features are, a big smile can make a person beautiful to other people. When you laugh at other people, they will assume that you are laughing because you are happy to see them. This will make these people more willing to spend more time with you and get to know you better.

Allowing our face to reveal emotions is actually an advantage in developing a relationship. Other people are constantly trying to read and respond to our body language and facial expressions, often on a subconscious level. They want to feel whether we really care about them or not, whether we are really interested in what is happening in their lives or not.

If you are the type of person who is very emotionally sensitive, that sensitivity can be an advantage for you in forming relationships with people. Use your sensitivity to show empathy for other people. Don’t suppress your feelings by trying to be cool. Don’t waste your sensitive nature by being sensitive only to yourself and your emotions. Imagine being in the role of the person you are talking to and allowing yourself to be overwhelmed by the sadness, happiness, excitement, or pride that is present in the story you are telling.

If we suppress our feelings and do not allow them to be seen on our faces, people will feel frustrated trying to understand who we really are. When we allow feelings to manifest on our face, sharing with our talking partner happiness and sadness, worries and frustrations as well as their hopes and excitements, we will both feel less lonely. Both people will feel more connected to each other.

Sometimes we worry about our facial expressions. We may feel that our smile looks forced or makes us look nervous. We can worry about not laughing enough, or frowning too much.

One way to check our facial expressions is to record ourselves in conversation with another person. When you examine, does your smile seem forced, or natural? Do you look too serious? Are you able to give a feeling of fun and relaxation?

If you are unable to analyze it yourself, find someone you trust to analyze you and give you feedback.

If you think your facial expressions can be improved, you can practice them in front of a mirror. Observe your face as you imagine that you are filled with various positive and negative emotions. Imagine you heard a funny joke. Or that you won the lottery. Or that you received a nice compliment. That you met a neighbor. Get a gift. To have a secret.

Also imagine experiencing some negative situations and observing your facial expression in the mirror. Exaggerate with them. Then go back to imagining positive emotions. Are you so expressive anyway? Do you allow other people to see you for who you really are? Or are you trying to hide from everyone? Do you like the person you see in the mirror?

Your smiles and other facial expressions will be more natural and attractive when you are relaxed than when you are tense. If you are nervous when talking to other people, relaxation techniques could help you until you can easily relax at will. You consciously speak to the muscles in your body to relax, even if you have to mentally send instructions to each part of your body separately.

When you are around other people, allow your mental focus to focus on enjoying the situation you are in instead of thinking and imagining what others think of you, or worrying about what you will say next.

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