Secret abilities of animals

Interesting facts from the animal world …

– One type of cat, originally from Turkey, loves swimming.

– Moles can be great swimmers. One was found in Scotland while diving at a distance of 2.4 kilometers from the coast.

– An ostrich egg has a volume like 24 hen’s eggs. It takes from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours to cook, and its shell will not crack even when a man weighing 127 kilograms steps on an egg.

– In Ottawa, the capital of Canada, there is an anti-noise law that bans even the buzzing of bees!

– A hippopotamus can run faster than a human.

The animal world is full of secrets. In fact, it is better to say that the behavior of both miraculous rainforest animals and exotic specimens of fauna, as well as our pets, is sometimes completely incomprehensible. There are many stories and legends about the mysterious powers of animals. Some of them seem to have been torn from the magical world of fairy tales.

More than animals

The legends, but also the credible facts of mysterious and unproven animal powers, include the prediction of earthquakes, about which there are numerous testimonies. In addition to earthquakes, animals predict other disasters. The general rules of behavior of animals before the earthquake include the flight of feathered animals from the lake, which no longer want to return to it, the escape of chickens from the hen house, the premature crowing of roosters, the escape of domestic animals from houses and barns, and the jumping of fish out of water.

For several devastating earthquakes in the last few centuries, strange animal behavior has been recorded. On the eve of the great earthquake in Friuli, wild animals, like deer, left the forest and approached the villages. Japanese and Chinese folklore claim that ants and frogs (pictured left) escape from their anthills before the earthquake, which was proven during the earthquake in Ashgabat in the then USSR in 1970. Chinese wisdom, but also the earthquake in Bavaria in 1910, confirm that on that occasion, bees leave their hives. Before the earthquake in Lisbon in 1755, worms began to come out of various holes, which once again confirmed the folk belief from Japan. The Japanese, who probably have the most such folk wisdom due to the earthquake characteristics of their islands, also believe that the return of migratory birds is disturbed by the earthquake, and that insects gather in swarms, which was confirmed by the 1976 Friulian earthquake.

Earthquake researchers found previous warnings from the animal world for almost every devastating earthquake, which, unfortunately, remained completely misunderstood. The first data on that were recorded in 373 BC, five days before the earthquake near the Greek town of Helike. Then all the animals, even rats, snakes, weasels and worms, fled the city. On December 4, 1690, the howling of dogs in the Carinthian castle of Trefen in Austria saved the lives of the inhabitants of the castle, which was completely destroyed by an earthquake. The earthquake in Naples on August 14, 1851, was announced by pigs! Almost ten days before that event, they bit each other. Just before the earthquake, the donkeys shouted in an unusual way. The night before the earthquake in Skopje, there was unrest among the animals at the zoo. A few days before the earthquake in Hsingtai, China, snakes came out on the snow, which was repeated in 1975 in Haiheng, when a month and a half before the earthquake, rats appeared in packs. Twenty minutes before that quake, which was 7.3 on the Mercalli, the turtle jumped out of the water and started screaming!

One more thing about this phenomenon: plants behave incredibly before the earthquake. In the weeks before the earthquake that destroyed the Yangtze River in children in March 1971, potato stalks, then hajducica and Chinese cabbage blossomed. Six weeks before the earthquake in Heiheng, apricot trees blossomed, even though it was winter.
Is there an explanation for all this

How do experts explain these unusual animal traits, whose accurate interpretation would help detect earthquakes in a timely manner and thus reduce the number of human victims? There are several explanations for this phenomenon, but none of them is reliable enough for us to consider it true.

One possible explanation for these characteristics of animals is their hearing, which is often more perfect than human. It has been proven, for example, that animals could also sense large landslides of snow or rocks, and the British zoologist Maurice Barton described how fish jump out of the water when a heavy truck passes by. Animals, therefore, react to a certain frequency of vibrations. An earthquake can be sensed if it is announced by a sound that people cannot hear, although we have mentioned examples when the earthquake was predicted by animals with human-like hearing. Experts claim that the hypothesis of auditory earthquake prediction is not correct and that the obvious prognostic properties of animals before the earthquake cannot be explained in that way.

Only long-wave electromagnetic radiation from the earth can be considered possible physical signs of an earthquake. At least that is what Helmut Tribuch, the author of the book Signs of Earthquakes, claimed, in which he emphasized the experiments of the US Navy with electromagnetic radiation, which changed the flight course of migratory birds. However, there is no final conclusion about the possible cause of this mysterious phenomenon in many animals. It remains for scientists to continue to deal with this, knowing that by examining these animal powers they can primarily help humans.

Animals talk

An interesting phenomenon in ants was discovered in the then Dutch Guiana by zoologist Ivan Sanderson. The queen, or queen of ants (Macrotermes bellicosus), would disappear from her room in the anthill, even though it was physically impossible. Namely, the queen of ants is too big to be able to get out of the cell through the door through which other ants pass. It is also impossible to break down cells that are hard as concrete. The mystery of the disappearance of the ant queen seemed incomprehensible, but Sanderson established that it was a matter of teleportation. Namely, he painted the queen of ants with a recognizable color and closed her cell. In a few minutes she simply disappeared! Sanderson continued to dig through the anthill. He came across the same, colored, ant queen, staying quietly in another room, feeding and laying eggs. This zoologist dedicated forty years to researching ants, in order to come to the conclusion about animal, that is, ant teleportation, which was confirmed by other scientific researchers.

Among the world’s most famous animal wonders are dogs and cats that speak or even count, and dozens of such examples have been recorded. Although pets are usually the smartest, we can find an elephant among the unusual animals. The most talkative elephant in the world was Batir from the zoo in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. It was an Indian elephant who knew how to say: “Batir is good” and words like “drink” and “give”. By the way, the night watchman at this zoo claimed that Batir talks to himself at night!

Most talking animals are among dogs and cats. American Gerald Wright, who lives in Dallas, had a Doberman who says “hello”, “I love you”, “mom”, “out”, as well as the names of fifteen women, with a deep bass, as reported by newspaper reporters. Lancer, as this dog was called, also addressed his vet by name. Witnesses claimed that the dog spoke quite clearly and precisely and that it was not about any trick of its owner, but about a kind of miracle of nature.

They also speak cats, like Muri, who could say “yes”, “no” and “Ana” in German, and could also sing with the piano. Moreover, Muri performed at an international show in Vienna. But that’s nothing compared to White, the cat talker who lived in Florida. She was one of the two cats of the Deem family (the other cat is Blackie, which is not unimportant.) Namely, Whitey (White) described herself as a “good cat”, while she told Blackie (Black) that she was “bad”. cat “. In addition, Whitey was the only cat to give an interview to Fate magazine in 1965. The power of speech of this seemingly ordinary cat has not been clarified, despite the great efforts of several scientists. However, in connection with White, an old, occult interpretation appeared: that he is in the power of the spirit or that he is a magical medium. A similar explanation was given for Ben, the talking dog, whom Dr. E.J. Dingval compared in his work with the strength of the black dog of the medieval wizard Agrippa, who not only could speak, but also knew the secrets of his master.

Personally, I have a video on my computer of a cat who, believe it or not, uses a fork while eating. Amazing to look at.

Animals as computers

There are numerous examples of animals that show their skill and intelligence by counting or writing. Thomas Mann’s daughter, Elizabeth Mann Borges, owned an English setter named Arly, who lived in her villa in Fiesol, Italy. Arly learned to print the symbols, which he pressed with his snout to keep the imprint on the paper. He learned to write shorter words for a while, a few of them, and he could repeat that. In Germany, at the beginning of the last century, “educated” horses, dogs, cats and other pets were in real fashion. The dog Paul Mojkel from Mannheim knew how to count, and not just add, subtract, divide and multiply. Rolf, as this dog was called, was examined by eminent mathematicians, zoologists and psychologists, so during 1913, Dr. Oshausen from Hamburg established the truly ingenious properties of that dog. He could also calculate the cubic root from number 1331. Examinations of this dog lasted until 1919, when he died.

Rolf’s powers were also held by his successor Lola, who was also examined by experts. Lola’s heiress Ana also inherited the family tradition of counting. The authors who researched this inexplicable phenomenon claim to have come across a large number of similar examples in Germany and France.

In addition to dogs, horses have also proven themselves in the calculation. Well-known horse accountants were in Elberfeld, Germany, where they came to interrogate them. A horse named Muhammad correctly calculated tasks such as the square root of the number 1,874,161 or the fourth root of 7,890,481. In one of the books about horses from Elberfeld, Professor Edinger writes that it is about the “soul of an animal that needs to be revealed”, or about the mysterious state of their thoughts. What kind of powers are in fact here, has not been revealed in these cases either.

Also, the mysterious therapeutic effect of dolphins has not been discovered. It is known, and even today, this mysterious property of dolphins is widely used in the treatment of autistic children. In some strange way, dolphins are able to help autistic people and get them out of their closed world. And many other animals, especially dogs, are used today for various therapeutic purposes.

Of course, the mysterious powers of animals are not only those related to their sensitive senses that anticipate earthquakes, or to the mind with which they count or speak. There are many other animal oddities, such as cats with wings, some of which even fly. This is at least what follows from the report of the London newspaper Daily Mirror, which in 1933 reported on the event in Sumerstown near Oxford. A Mrs. Griffiths told a reporter of that paper that one evening an unusual creature landed on her table. It was a cat with wings, which is not a great rarity, as insiders say. However, these unusual creatures, like the one in Oxford, end up in the zoo as an attraction for visitors and photojournalists. Most famous cats with wings cannot fly, so their wings are used exclusively for decoration.

Like humans, animals practice their eccentricities in various places. Clearly, this seems eccentric and enigmatic only when it comes to completely unusual animal behavior. For example, the opinion that pigs do not swim is respected, although they have been observed on long trips by sea. In 1973, a fisherman came across a pig on the high seas, 30 kilometers away from Miami, Florida. It is not explained what the pig was doing there, but no less strange is the swimming of hippos on the sea around Mozambique, which has been observed several times. Elephants have been observed to have similar needs, and many elephants have died in the sea.

An interesting case happened on a cruise ship in the China Sea in 1950. Suddenly, a monkey, as it normally lives on the remote island of Borneo, sailed to the ship, rested on deck, and jumped back into the sea. It is not known at all where it came from, but the case has been documented.

Of course, there are still many unexplained examples of the mysterious powers of animals, which actually teach us that the world around us is something we can never fully know. Therefore, we can only wonder and record the facts about the incredible animal puzzles, hoping for at least a partial solution to these eternal secrets.

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