Scientists have come up with a new method related to toothpaste

Whatever system you have for using toothpaste, every time it expires, there is one part left that will not come out of the tube.

No matter how much you squeeze, bend or who knows what else you do, one part of the paste will remain, which can be very annoying, even though it is completely normal.

Just over nine years ago, researchers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) demonstrated a new packaging that allows ketchup to come out of the bottle with ease. Nine years later, this technology known as LiquiGlide has come to life, and will be found in the famous toothpaste.

A company called as this technology, LiquiGlide has revealed a partnership with Colgate, and together they will present a new package of toothpaste that can be easily recycled, but also allows you to empty all the toothpaste with minimal effort! We believe that you would like something like that if a little thing like this from the beginning of the text irritates you.

The texture of this package will contain a complex microscopic design that will create a thin air flow that allows liquids to come out easily, instead of sticking to the package, but such hydrophobic surface surfaces do not work well with thicker liquids. Superhydrophobic material is often made of things that are not edible, and after a certain time they can degrade and become less slippery, which reduces their efficiency.

Scientists and professors from MIT have solved this problem by creating a liquid formula that not only fills in those microscopic textures, but also creates an additional thin layer that is extremely slippery. Any material that comes in contact with the same, such as ketchup, glides smoothly because the ketchup does not touch the packaging (metal, plastic or glass), but only with that liquid layer.

Another advantage of this technology is that this liquid can be made from edible and safe materials. Now Colgate has introduced the first products to use this technology, Elixir toothpastes. One of the main reasons Colgate opted for this technology is that this packaging can be easily recycled, which significantly reduces production requirements, and is a huge plus when it comes to environmental protection.

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