Running with a dog is good for health

If you have a dog for a pet, know that running with it provides excellent benefits for your physical and mental health, but also for the health of the animal. In addition to ensuring a good line, you will be less prone to anxiety and depression, and your heart will work better.

The beginning of the day, which includes running with a dog, is a great way to work on your health, but also to make a connection with your pet.

It will be easier for you to integrate the dog into your “pack” and he will learn the necessary social skills. Running will employ different muscles of your dog, and they also need to burn calories regularly.

Physical benefits include a stronger heart and lungs for both you and your dog. With an increasing number of overweight dogs, a consistent running routine will help you keep your pet in a healthy weight range.

Studies have shown that an active lifestyle reduces stress and anxiety in both humans and dogs. Even better, active dogs have been shown to live longer and happier. When dogs are understimulated, they can be destructive, hyperactive and even aggressive.

Running exposes them to new scenes, sounds and smells giving them enough stimulation.

When you run with a dog, you meet other owners and dogs along the way. This gives them the opportunity to “make friends” and learn to behave well towards other animals.

Your furry running partner will help you, if you feel tired, to continue exercising and running.

Those who like jogging, claim that it is better for them when they run with their dog.

Instead of paying attention to running time or calories burned, they focus on enjoying running with their companion.

However, take care to gradually introduce the dog into your running routine. Exercise together and the distance you will be during the joint jogging.

Running with a dog is a great way to connect with him. Dogs will be especially attached to you if you participate together in the same activity as simply – running.

And rest assured, in the whole action, the dog will always look at you as a friend, and not as a competition that may – reach the goal sooner.

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