Restoring energy through sweating

How to renew energy in a healthy and natural way? This time we will recommend you how to renew your physical, and therefore mental energy in the old, natural way – by sweating.

Sweating – the elimination of sweat by bathing was discussed. At the same time, it is a way of purifying the organism and its release from sediment, which is harmful to health and interferes with energy supply. Nature has supplied us with billions of sweat glands and tiny channels for the secretion of that hot-acid-salty liquid. Because it washes away harmful substances, sweat is poisonous. If an animal swallowed a very small amount of human sweat, it would die – some researchers assure us. And, another interesting fact: most waste substances contain sweat that the body secretes during physical activities – work, gymnastics, running, unlike sauna sweat, which contains much less.

What it means? First, that a person is programmed for physical activities and that we must not give them up until he is forced to do so (and in old age, and even in a sickbed, easy stretches and movements that are in line with the health condition can be performed).

The advice to all other people is: do not give up physical activities. If you do not have the need (or opportunity) to chop wood or do other physical activities that are both useful and good for sweating, run every day for 30-40 minutes and do different exercises (skipping rope, running in place, dancing, etc.).

If you do not get rid of toxins from your body today, you will carry them inside you tomorrow, and they will be joined by those from the following days without sweating, that is, sweating.

The advantages of natural sweating over artificial sweating are that it is combined with muscle activation, with better and deeper breathing and staying in nature.

When you wash away the last trace of sweat, rest: you deserve it. And then, lightly, water your body with clean, fresh, preferably spring water, which will be a real boon for each of its cells. Water is a miraculous substance: it cleanses, nourishes, refreshes, rejuvenates. Get used to drinking at least 2 liters of fluid a day, most of it water. Life was conceived in her, she also knows how to keep it in optimal shape.

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