Psychological profile based on blood type

It has long been known in Eastern countries that a fairly reliable psychological profile of a person can be made on the basis of blood group analysis. The Japanese, for example, apply the method of blood group analysis – ketsuekigata – in everyday life. Most people use it when choosing friends, partners and life companions. However, it has been a part of industrial psychology for fifteen or more years.

It is used by market researchers to predict customer habits, but also by company directors when hiring new workers. In order to create an ideal organization of work, the Japanese use the knowledge in which jobs certain blood groups would be most effective. Thus, person of blood group B will always be chosen for planning, control and selection, organization, seduction and implementation of order will most often be entrusted to blood group A, while zero blood group will be in charge of efficient implementation.

Blood group 0

People who have blood type 0 are usually extremely cordial, sociable and open. They have no hair on their tongues, they are faithful, sincere and loyal. Because they are not inclined to take responsibility, a woman of zero blood group will, rather, look for a group in which they feel protected and safe. On the other hand, men of zero blood type are true hunters. They have an irresistible need to dominate, to be noticed and that is why they mostly choose an occupation in which they can be exposed and affirmed, e.g. acting, journalism, pop … They have a pronounced need to live with people who are curious, lively and dynamic. Monotony and living according to the usual patterns do not suit them at all. Unlike women, men are more interested in a career and when it comes to work they will not get into a relationship or situation until they see what they get out of it.

Partnership and family

Women of blood group zero, expect happiness, satisfaction and tenderness from their men. They feel an intense desire for marriage, which stems from the need to be confirmed through marriage and family. As wives, they rule from the background and often take an active part in building their husband’s career. As mothers, they are friendly towards their children, almost friendly, and they achieve their own ambitions through their husbands and children.

Men of blood group zero are very interested in women, they are active in that regard and that is why women notice them very quickly. The disadvantage of these men is that they can be extremely unreliable, because some things quickly cease to be interesting to them. In marriage, they are attached to the family, but here again their yogic nature can come to the fore, which opposes indulging in the monotony of everyday life.

Blood group A

People who have blood type A could be said to be synonymous with them – I think! This blood group gives intelligent people, who often seem uninterested and cold, but they actually protect themselves, because they are very sensitive. They would be best described by the expression – her soldier, because in addition to emotionality, they are characterized by discipline and self-discipline. They will always choose a highly organized group, when they work, they are very professional and dedicated to their life, professional or family obligations. They are ready to take responsibility, to understand others, but they also expect that from others. They are very good leaders, they insist on precise organization, dedicated work and established order. They are demanding, but just people. They do not know, nor are they interested in, dominating or exposing themselves. Not at all. Slower career progress is noticeable in them, because they often remain unnoticed, lonely and on the sidelines due to unobtrusiveness.

Partnership and family

Women and men of blood group A are democratic in relationships, they respect their partner and his qualities. However, due to their emotional and sensitive nature, they will reveal their feelings only when they are completely sure that they will not be cheated and hurt. A woman of blood group A is a mother who controls and supports her children, but also demands many of them.

Men of blood group A are often not interesting to women on the first ball, their values ​​are revealed by women only when they are in longer relationships. However, their greatest quality is that they are loyal and completely dedicated to the family, once they start it, they transfer the focus of their lives to it. They support and love to support and emphasize the qualities and abilities of their wives.

Blood type B

Psychologically speaking, men and women of blood group B are the most interesting. They are seemingly introverted, they act restrained and withdrawn, but they have a clearly constructed notion of their own desires and values.

In their professional life, women of blood group B mostly build their careers on the basis of proven personal qualities and efforts, and they almost never show a competitive spirit.

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