People with this blood group have no risk of cardiovascular disease

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Today we know already that the body’s resistance to any kind of bacteria, infections and various known diseases is determined in health and science by many factors, including blood type. Looking and learning of certain blood groups have a better chance of coping with amazing and fastest attacks on their body, and in that way, carriers of blood group 0 did the best for supreme lifestyle and long life.

In particular learning long-term studies today have shown that blood type 0 is the strongest and great composition to every among all blood types. Carriers of this blood group have been shown to be more resistant and have a lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, as well as strokes and heart attacks, and rarely suffer from memory-related diseases.

Due to the body’s resistance to diseases, people who have blood group 0 live the longest compared to others.

Why is that?

One of the most important reasons is the fact that blood group 0 contains fewer molecules that cause blood clotting, and stroke and heart attack are caused by poor blood coagulation. Things that are good for the heart are also good for the brain, because many of the risk factors that cause cardiovascular disease are similar to the risks of developing mental illness and other

As for which blood group is the “weakest”, it is difficult to determine definitively, although experts say that it is group A, since research has shown that carriers of this blood group are the least resistant to malaria and some other infectious and systemic diseases.

Therefore, we can say that blood group A is weaker than all the others.

The study also showed that carriers of blood group 0 live on average longer than all other carriers of blood groups, so the logical conclusion is that their resistance to numerous diseases and medical conditions is responsible for that.

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