Opposites fill you with strength when you are weak

A lot of people go through our lives. Some are just there just like that, and some we meet only in passing determine our path. To get somewhere, we need to meet a mentor, a soul mate and our very opposite.
Sometimes socializing with such types of people does not have to be idyllic, on the contrary, it can be very tiring. But it is necessary to learn and guide the life and spiritual path we need to take in order to be the best version of ourselves.

  1. Mentor

He is a very wise person who will be near you to encourage, support and inspire you on the path of life. It can manifest in various forms, for example, as a family member, professor, friend, neighbor… And it will probably be older.

Your relationship will resemble that of a student and a teacher, and the benefit will be mostly the student. However, sometimes a teacher can learn something from his student, and every wise man knows and accepts that.

If someone like that has not yet stepped into your life, continue to work on your own development.

  1. A soul mate

Throughout your life, you will come across people for whom you will feel as if you have known them all your life.

Some call them kindred spirits, and others perceive them more as cousins, while there are those who call them tribal souls. All these terms actually mean the same thing – these are the people you meet on your way, and with whom you understand and connect on a deep mental level. It’s someone with a similar vibe.

These are souls who are considered to have reincarnated together over many lifetimes. A soul mate does not necessarily mean a romantic relationship with the opposite sex. These are people with whom you immediately feel some deep connection, you feel very comfortable in their company and somehow it seems to you that you know them well.

You literally feel like you’ve met someone you haven’t seen in a very long time. You can meet such people in the most unusual places, so keep your heart and mind open.

  1. Your opposite

Although contradictions can lead to a lot of energy disagreements, that person appears in your life to somehow inform you about what you need to do on the path of life, to guide you. The messages it carries are often not “nicely packaged” because that would only distract you from what you need to hear at a given time.

Some call such people their counterweight or a force that seeks to equalize them – so that they can progress to a higher level. People who are your opposite will give you strength when you are weak or vice versa. You will not always agree with them, you may often have completely opposite views, but do not take it personally.

Their role is to become the best version of yourself. Such a relationship perfectly embodies yin / yang, light and darkness, as well as feminine and masculine energy.

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