On Instagram Easier to block and live broadcast for hours

Users will be able to watch live broadcasts in personal private archives for up to 30 days after publication, and will have the ability to block related accounts of the same “abusers”.

One of the most popular social platforms on the Internet is introducing changes and novelties, among which is a new security function.

Instagram has just announced that in the future, users will be able to use live streaming for, from almost a maximum of 60 minutes to four hours. This option will be available to anyone who has not violated the rules, especially those relating to intellectual property infringement.

Users will be able to starve their live broadcasts in their personal private archives for up to 30 days after publication, as has been the case with Story announcements so far. And there is the possibility of downloading content and later posting on other social networks.

Users will be able to view the Live Now category within IGTV, which will give them an overview of the available live broadcasts at that time.

Better filtering of offensive messages and spam

In addition to new video options, Instagram has added several new options for filtering offensive and spam messages, as well as for blocking virtual bullies, ie receiving personal messages sent by such users (Direct message – DM), through which users most often come into contact with unknown persons and potential abuses.

Instagram is introducing the ability to automatically delete messages that contain offensive words, phrases or emojis, before the user sees them, according to the official Instagram blog. The possibility of blocking unwanted persons, ie accounts, is also being introduced.

At the same time, users will be given the opportunity to block new, ie related, accounts of the same “abusers”, which prevents further “chain” harassment.
Instagram is also announcing the introduction of a special Inbox for messages coming from those who are not on the user’s friends list, which filters spam messages.

Instagram has found a solution to cyber-harassment!

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