Obesity in children

What does it mean to be obese

The word obesity, excess weight or being overweight, you can often hear on television, in commercials, at school or among yourself. People around them often know how to talk about how they should lose a certain amount of extra pounds. But it may surprise you that these words actually have medical significance as well. Doctors use them to define the amount of fat deposits that a certain person carries. When a doctor determines that a certain person is overweight, it should be taken seriously, because it can disrupt our health and the normal functioning of our body. Being fat or overfed can increase the risk of health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

How Doctors Define Overweight

Doctors and fitness experts use the so-called body mass index (BMI) to determine if a person is overweight. The body fat index uses the height and weight of an individual to calculate, and you can calculate it yourself if you divide your weight (in kilograms) by the square of your height in meters. However, this formula is valid for people over the age of 20, due to the fact that younger people are still in the developmental stage and this formula does not apply to them.

Why body weight is so important

A few extra pounds in a healthy person should not be a problem, but being overweight can lead to major health problems, but also physical and emotional. It is very important that you learn about a healthy diet and control your body weight while you are still a teenager. Even teenagers can develop a disease we call diabetes, which is caused by an improper diet. Diabetes is a chronic, incurable metabolic disorder, characterized by persistently elevated blood glucose levels.

If a person calls the doctor on time and starts with a proper diet and exercise program, he can alleviate or even prevent the appearance of obesity and overweight. It is easier to maintain a certain healthy body weight, than to work on losing weight and losing extra pounds.

Finding a healthy weight

While children are smaller, they move more and consume a lot of calories a day, so that additional snacks and sugars cannot do too much damage to their body. But if the child does not move, and ingests too many calories, then there is excessive body weight and danger to the health of the organism. Know that there are no magic pills or diets that solve the weight problem. The problem of being overweight is solved with a proper diet and regular exercise.

Being healthy is what we should all strive for. To know if you are at the right weight, you should talk to your parents, and to a doctor or nutritionist.

Stick to a strategy to maintain a proper body weight throughout your life. Since this is a very long period of time, we will provide you with certain guidelines that you can follow.

1. Does your family eat healthy – ask mom and dad, grandma and grandpa, do you eat healthy and would they take any steps that would contribute to the health of the whole family. Teenagers who have the support of their parents and at the same time play some sports tend to have better results and be healthier. Remember, health is for all of us – we all need to work together to be healthier and leaner;

2. Carbonated juices – juices that you drink every day, are full of sugar and empty calories. They are sweet and delicious, but they are not good for your health. If you want a sweet and tasty juice, ask your parents to make you a natural juice from squeezed fruits or vegetables. In addition to not having extra sugars and empty calories, they have great nutritional value, which means they are healthier for you;

3. The size of the meal – probably grandma and grandpa, or mom and dad told you – eat if you want to be big. That is true, but only in one respect, if you want to be obese and overweight. Remember, if you eat more than you move, the food you take in will turn into fat deposits, you will have a big stomach and you will find it difficult to move, and you do not need that at all. We advise you to ask your parents for smaller and more nutritionally rich nutritious meals during the day;

4. Overeating – to avoid overeating, eat slowly and moderately. Food takes longer to digest, so if you eat greedily, you will ingest even three times more calories than your stomach can withstand. It takes your brain about 20 minutes to realize that food is in your stomach, so eat slowly. Avoid snacks and sweets after meals, they also represent unnecessary and extra calories that will turn you into an obese kid.

5. Type of food – if once in your life your parents told you that vegetables and fruits are healthy, we will tell you, that is true. The more vegetables and fruits in the plate, the greater the chance that you will be healthier and have all the necessary vitamins and minerals in your body. Do not avoid fruits and vegetables, they keep your heart, brain and other organs healthy;

6. Diets are bad for you – if you want a superhero body, diets are a bad choice for you. Daily exercise and smaller meals during the day are the right thing for you. Remember, you are still growing and you need nutritious calories, but in smaller meals throughout the day.

7. Don’t completely avoid sweets and snacks – regardless of the fact that sweets and snacks do not have nutritional value for the body, if you completely avoid them, you will crave them even more. By banning or restricting the intake of these foods, it will help you want them even more, and when you come in contact with them, it will lead you to overeating and overweight. We advise you to reward yourself occasionally with a little chocolate or chips, after physical education at school or after football in the yard;

8. Get moving – whether you like sports or not, there is always some kind of physical activity that you will love and that you will like, and at the same time it is good for your health. If you do not like group sports, then organize yourself: walk to school, run in the park or stairs, walk your pet, help parents with household chores. The goal is to be on the move for at least 60 minutes every day. In addition to having enough fitness, you will also remove excess fat deposits in the body and prevent obesity.

Remember, health is the basis of a lifetime, if you are healthy you will be able to do everything. So listen to our advice, talk about this topic with your parents and grab a healthy life and breathe with full lungs.

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