Men will remain completely infertile until 2045

The American medical researcher of the environment warned that all people are in danger of infertility by 2045 for many reasons, and mostly because of the chemical elements that are found in plastic materials.

Dr. Shana Swan, the author of the book “Countdown”, said in a previous interview for the British newspaper “The Guardian”, which was republished by the media, that people are losing the ability to reproduce quickly.

And she pointed out that the number of sperm decreased by 59% between 1973 and 2011 in the Western world, according to a comparative analysis of 185 international studies.

She predicts that the number of sperm will reach zero by 2045, noting that most couples may have to use assisted reproduction techniques.

Shana Swan attributed this situation especially to the chemicals found in plastics, especially phthalates, substances that are added to plastics in order to increase their flexibility, transparency and lifespan.

The American professor stated that these substances reduce the level of testosterone, which is why their effect is especially noticeable in men.

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