Instagram viewer person without account

You don’t have an Instagram account but you’re still interested by what’s happening in there. There could also be many of us around you that use Instagram and have their jokes about it. In cases like these, you wonder what they’re sharing. Unfortunately, Instagram app itself doesn’t allow anytone to possess a glance without an account. You’re getting to need to use a third-party app to look at Instagram without an account.

Let’s briefly explain how to view Instagram without an account using a third party app. Here is how to do it:

  1. Open any browser. You don’t need a particular browser to use these third-party tools. You can use anyone you want.
  2. Find a trustworthy third-part app. Be sure that these apps don’t require your personal information in any way. Third-party apps can be malicious towards users.
  3. Find the account you’re looking for on the app. Usually, the use of these third-party apps is the same. If the app is not malicious and doesn’t require any information from you, you should be able to search for the username through a search bar and find the account.
  4. Be sure you can view private Instagram accounts. Be sure that the app you’re using shows all Instagram accounts, including the private ones. Then, you can browse any account as much as you want without signing in.

This is common solution for everyone who don’t want to have Instagram account,but is curious for some people. Although I always recommend that you have your account, because you will have more access to everything.

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