How much sleep quality affects work productivity

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Sleep is essential for humans because it allows the body to recover muscles, the immune system and hormones. It also plays a very important role in keeping the memory fresh. If you are a business leader who wants to embark on a new venture, the key is to sleep better, according to new research.

A study published in the Journal of Business Venturing emphasizes that sleep plays a crucial role in being able to recognize good business ideas, evaluate them and check if they are sustainable. The study asked 700 entrepreneurs from around the world questions about their sleep patterns, the hours they sleep and the different types of sleep they experience.

Then various business premises were made and an independent commission of business experts assessed the plots as the most potential, medium potential and least potential for success. Study participants had to inspect all three different types of plots on the same day. It was found that leaders who had less sleep found it more difficult to choose the best plots.

The second part of the study required a smaller group of participants to evaluate plots over several weeks while their sleep patterns were monitored. It was obvious that the participants who had at least seven hours of sleep were consistent in choosing the best plots determined by the expert council. Fields with the least potential for success were usually chosen by those who had a chronic lack of sleep or less sleep than the other participants.

Businessmen who choose a job before a dream, thinking that the dream comes after success, may undermine their efforts to succeed, said Jeff Gish, the lead author of the study. He continued that everyone needs a good and quality sleep during the night, but he pointed out that it is especially important for entrepreneurs. Gish also added that the evidence suggests that sleep can lead to an accurate assessment of the commercial potential of the new idea.

“Since we compared the performance of individuals over several days, we can say that these results are consistent even for entrepreneurs who, on average, do not sleep as much as the general population,” he stressed.
Although several studies have found a link between sleep and work performance, this study found a link between sleep and the cognitive skills needed to recognize and evaluate an idea.

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