Is Facebook the most popular social network today

When we talk about the popularity of social networks, Facebook is still the most popular network. Now, Facebook has about 2.5 billion users on a monthly basis.

And why is that so?

For Facebook it can easily be said that he was also one of the first social networks, which provided users to chat online. Also that they can send pictures, and that they can invite each other. Facebook by name says that it is “your side “or” your book “of life. People consider Facebook, a network that is not intrusive with e.g. some videos, and because it’s very safe.

Today, it is not so easy to register a new account on Facebook, because it can happen that it passes rigorous checks, such as whether you already have a Facebook account or not. This is a very good side of Facebook because it protects its users from being attacked by dangerous people.

How do I know if I am safe on a social network?

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