iPhone your choice of programming

Back in 2007, the iPhone radically changed the market, but also the world as we knew it until then, and along the way gained loyal users and fans who would not give up the Apple phone at any cost. And the fact that the iPhone is the most popular product of the company that is worth the most in the world testifies enough to its success.

The average user of this smart device can’t imagine a day without one of the iOS apps, whether it’s for easier communication, entertainment or doing business. This commitment of users to the Apple brand has not only changed the developments in the mobile phone market, but has also influenced the popularization of those jobs that involve creating applications and games for the iOS platform.

It is therefore not surprising that the need for iOS developers is growing unstoppably from year to year. It is an IT field that is unique in that, in addition to attractive earnings and opportunities for rapid advancement, it provides equally good job opportunities when it comes to experienced developers, but also those who are at the very beginning of their careers.

Although it has fewer users than the widespread Android operating system, the Apple Store generates significantly higher revenue than Google Play: Apple users, last year alone, spent $ 53 billion on iOS apps.

This is also the main reason for the increased demand for iOS developers. In fact, the lack of experts is so great that it brings exceptional job opportunities even to absolute beginners. Therefore, iOS development is a good choice for all those who have no previous experience in IT and would like a career in this field.

Can you do iOS programming too?

What you need to know is that anyone can become an iOS developer and create apps. However, to make sure that this is really a career that suits your affinities and preferences, it would be good to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Do you use mobile applications every day for communication, entertainment, learning, fitness or work?
  • Do you have or would like to have an iPhone or other Apple devices?
  • Do you want a high salary?
  • Can you imagine yourself sitting at a computer and working on application programming next year?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, and you are also characterized by a tendency towards logical thinking and problem solving, and you think that you are a creative person to a certain extent, then this is definitely a career that could be right for you.

How much will you be paid as an iOS developer?

iOS is the operating system that runs all iPhones. Like all developers, iOS developers have interesting and dynamic work activities. Although they spend most of their time writing codes in the Swift programming language, it involves much more than just sitting in front of a computer. They collaborate with colleagues, exchange ideas, brainstorm and come up with new projects. All this makes the working day of iOS developers extremely exciting. Here are some of their main activities:

  • work in dynamic teams on defining, designing and creating multifunctional applications;
  • discovery, evaluation and implementation of new technologies that improve programming;
  • code quality care.

When it comes to earnings, iOS developers not only earn up to several times more than the average salary in other sectors, but are also among the highest paid when it comes to all developers.

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