Instagram is preparing a new tool

Instagram has announced a new tool that will allow users to automatically filter requests for direct messages that contain offensive words, phrases and emojis.

The tool is intended for celebrities and public figures who receive a large number of unsolicited, harmful direct messages, and the update builds on Instagram’s work to combat hate speech on the platform.

When enabled, offensive messages will be moved to a separate directory. The direct messages in this folder are hidden, allowing users to view messages without having to read them. If the user decides to enter the message, he can read, delete or report it.

In addition to that announcement, Instagram also announced that it is introducing a tool that allows people to preventively block new accounts by harassers. Now, when a user blocks someone in the app, they will have the ability to block all new accounts that person opens. The company declined to specify how it does so, saying it only uses “various signals” to detect new accounts from those same users.

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