How to use low-calorie foods like fruits and vegetables

Learn how to properly use low-calorie foods such as fruits and vegetables. What are healthy and good foods and how many calories do we need per day. Read our examples of foods that can be a substitute in certain meals.

Healthy and good foods

In order to lose weight, we need to eat fewer calories than our body needs during a normal daily lifestyle.

The feeling of hunger is a very unpleasant feeling that overcomes all logical thinking and leaves only the desire to satisfy it conscious. In order to prevent the body from accumulating various fats and high-calorie products due to non-selective thinking during the feeling of hunger, we must consciously prepare such fast meals in advance, which will contain various low-calorie substitutes.

Foods that can quench your appetite and do not contain a lot of calories are fruits and vegetables. Combining fruits and vegetables with whole grains and lean meats, hazelnuts, nuts and legumes makes for a well-balanced and healthy diet. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables reduces the likelihood of developing some types of cancer and chronic diseases.

Fruits and vegetables contain various essential substances, such as vitamins and minerals, but also various other substances necessary for a healthy life. In order to lose weight, we need to eat fewer calories than our body needs during a normal daily lifestyle. This fact does not mean taking less food immediately, but you should create meals so that you can quantitatively satisfy the feeling of hunger, but to be poorer in calories. Water and fiber from vegetables and fruits will just give a sufficient amount (volume) to a meal, although such a meal will eventually be less caloric.

Examples of substitute foods within individual meals


If you make scrambled eggs from two eggs for breakfast, instead of one egg and cheese, whisk some spinach, onion or mushroom in the scrambled eggs. Vegetables will increase the amount of food, but reduce the number of calories consumed.

Snack or similar

Replace half of the cheese or meat in the sandwich with salad, tomato, cucumber or onion. Such a combination will satisfy you quantitatively with fewer calories and more vitamins and minerals (fresh vegetables, such as cucumbers and liquids and minerals, are ideal vegetables to combine on hot days). Chop cooked vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, peas, zucchini, cauliflower and red peppers in a bowl, which you mix into your favorite soup instead of pasta, rice, noodles or bread cubes!

Dinner / lunch

You can also use one cup of chopped vegetables (as above) as a side dish to meat instead of potatoes, rice or pasta. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains should make up the largest part of a meal. If this is not the case, they should be combined in the suggested ways, which reduces the caloric value of the meal eaten, while the amount remains the same! When serving meals, you should use smaller plates, not large and wide plates.

In order to prevent the occurrence of severe hunger, you should definitely include at least two small meals a day (snacks) in your healthy eating plan, and if you choose fruits or vegetables, you will not consume more than 100 calories with such a meal.

Meals of 100 calories or less:

– medium banana (90 – 105 cal)
– cup of 2.5 dl steamed green peas (44 cal)
– 1 l blueberry (83 cal)
– 1 l of grapes (100 cal)
– 1 l carrot (45 cal), razor (30 cal)
– One small bag of chips (about 28-30 g) has the same caloric value as: 1 small apple, 1 liter of strawberries and 1 liter of carrots seasoned with a low-calorie dressing!

In a smart way to lose weight and / or maintain an ideal weight, the key to success is in substitutes for high-calorie foods with the same amount (volume) of food! Most fruits and vegetables are healthiest to eat raw or prepared in a low-calorie way (cooking, steaming, etc.) because the way of preparing food (frying, baking) can also burden the body with extra calories.

Canned or frozen fruits and vegetables can serve as a substitute when fresh is not available, but care should be taken whether sugar, syrup, creams or other additives that increase the basic caloric value are added to such a product.

Always choose whole fruits between whole fruits and fruit juices because they contain additional fiber that improves digestion and enhances the feeling of satiety. 2 dl of orange juice has 85 calories, while one whole medium-sized orange has only 65 calories.

Whole, fresh fruit has the same caloric value as dried, but unlike dried, it has a larger volume, so such a meal is more abundant. Eg. 0.6 dl of raisins has the same caloric value as 1 l of fresh grapes. As a substitute for food, 1 glass of water can help, which reduces the feeling of hunger in about 10 minutes.

Apples are great for stopping hunger because they are rich in plant fibers that fill the stomach and reverse the state of hormones that control appetite before we overeat.

Bananas contain granular materials that regulate digestion, 100 g of bananas have only 0.5% fat (about 80x less than a hamburger), currently creates a feeling of satiety and is an ideal food for the diet. The average banana contains 90-105 cal.

Cereals – oats and barley contain plant fibers that lower cholesterol. Flaxseed has a beneficial effect on digestion and regulates blood sugar. Soy products are low in fat, high in protein.

If there are not many calories in our food, hunger reappears in 1-1.5 hours. When we combine low-calorie foods with physical activity, and still reduce the feeling of hunger with a sufficient amount of food intake, fat stores in the body melt and turn into sugar that goes into the blood and reduces the feeling of hunger.

How many calories do we need per day?

The need for calories depends on age, body weight, gender and type of work. Excess calories are deposited in the form of fat, and increased consumption and reduced food intake, leads to loss of fat deposits, so we lose weight.

If we consume as many calories as we take in during the day, our body weight will not change significantly.

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