How to use a computer and preserve vision

Studies show that when working with computers, our eyes are loaded more than recommended. Fortunately, this cannot cause more serious vision damage, especially if we adhere to certain precautions.

The use of computers has become an integral part of the work and lives of many people. According to a 2004 report, 143 million people in America use computers every day, including 54 million children.

Computers certainly make our work easier and more efficient, but unfortunately, at the same time, computers affect our health.

According to the American Optometric Association, 70 to 75 percent of those who work on a computer have vision problems, and that condition is called Computer Vision Syndrome, and every year the number of new cases increases by a million.

Computer vision syndrome is defined as eye strain associated with prolonged computer use.

Studies show that when working with computers, the frequency of blinking is reduced by up to five times, and rarely and incomplete blinking can cause dryness, redness and eye irritation due to faster evaporation of the tear film.

There are various measures that workers and employers can take to reduce or prevent symptoms, with eye examination being the most important.

Eye strain is often caused by intense light coming from outside or inside. When using a computer, the ambient lighting should be half that used in most offices.

It is necessary to eliminate the external light by pulling the curtains or blinds, and also, the internal lighting should be reduced by using a few light bulbs or fluorescent sticks. If possible, the monitor should be adjusted so that the window light comes from the side.

Ophthalmologists advise that every 30 minutes you should look outside the computer screen and focus your gaze on distant objects for about 20 seconds. Also, after five to 10 seconds, you should focus on close objects, on distant objects up to ten times.

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