How to stay focused on work

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Here are seven ways to stay focused at work.

Do you happen to start working, completely determined to finish as soon as possible, but suddenly something comes up? Someone called you, asked for help, something caught your attention … Just like that, 5-10 minutes turns into an hour! You go back to work but you don’t even know where you stopped, and you don’t even feel like working anymore. Poor focus at work makes you less productive. Goodbye precious time, the moment of flight and creativity is gone.

Unfortunately, there is no possibility to silence the world just because of you, but you can take matters into your own hands, find the right techniques and sharpen your focus! Here are some helpful things you can do about it:

Create a comfortable environment

Although most people today do their job from a chair, we all already know that it does not mean the absence of physical effort. If it has happened to you more than once that you cannot sit and concentrate on work due to back pain, you may want to check how comfortable your desk and chair are. Do not neglect comfort, but resolutely lay the foundations for productive work!

Arrange the desk

Banal and very simple. Although many people think that it doesn’t play a big role when it comes to focus – there is! To stay fully focused on priorities, remove everything from the table. All the papers, newspapers, cups of coffee … Too many things at hand can easily divert your focus.

Take care of the computer

Do you use a PC at work? What does your desktop look like? Too many files and icons at your fingertips in this case are also distracting. Do not delay, but immediately take the time to first organize each project in the appropriate folder and thus avoid stress and loss of interest.

Write a daily plan on paper

Do you make daily plans? Surely you know that without them you will not get far. However, if you put your daily plan on a computer or mobile phone, the chances of something distracting you are also present (yes, it’s hard to ignore all those notifications!), So it’s best to write down your daily plan on paper and keep it close yourself to keep them in mind.

Determine productive time

When is your most productive time of day? For most people, the first hour at work is the most productive. Plan all those tasks that seem most difficult and important to you just then. It is important that you do not spend this time on tasks that are not important to you. Do you want to stress because you are doing an important project at the end of the day? Certainly not.

Tell others not to bother you

If you are determined to improve your focus, do not hesitate to tell others. Explain that you have an important task to work on and that it is important to stay focused. Tell them when it suits you to talk, you will surely find understanding on the other side.

Don’t be afraid to be unavailable, busy or absent

Although it may not seem so, the world will not collapse in a few hours of your absence! Not every email is crucial to your destiny, not every phone call is a notification that someone has stolen your car or broken into your apartment! Feel free to turn off your phone for a few hours to get to work. Shut up, ignore, stay focused!

Remember – you will be surrounded by distractions every day, but it only depends on you and your determination how productive and satisfied you will be at the end of the day!

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