How to show yourself in society

How do you like people better?

Here are seven so-called keys that will help you increase your likeability factor.

If you work with people, the likeness factor plays a big role in how much people will be happy to work or do business with you. Research shows that the impression we leave on others influences 30 percent of their decision to cooperate with us for better or worse (the rest is experience, past successes, work efficiency, recommendations …). Likeability is not immutable. It’s an ongoing process, and if you want to increase your appeal there are seven keys to achieving that.

1. Who are you

Sometimes your age, occupation, appearance or even gender will be the variable that will make someone better connect with you. But these are things you have no control over, what you have control over is the mood you breathe. People are more attracted to happy and confident people, so everything you do to be happy at home and at work will affect how well you connect with someone.

2. Be honest and fair

If people think that you are good to them only because you do business together (because you benefit from them), and not because you are comfortable in their company, they will reduce contacts to a minimum. Honesty is especially important in relationships with men because research shows that they are significantly better than women in detecting how honest someone is towards them.

3. Make them feel good about you

People love people who help them feel good. This includes using their name in conversation, sincere compliments, and the patience to listen to them when they complain about something. The way you greet them also leaves a great impression, people who are popular usually greet others with warmth and cheerfulness.

4. Common factors

We are attracted to people who are similar to us in some way (although, if you are stubborn and a bit egocentric, you probably won’t like people with the same alleged qualities). It is easier to connect with someone who shares the same interests. For example – a similar family background, education, values, hobbies, behavior and even body language can help us connect with someone more easily. Facing common challenges can also bring us closer.

5. Emotional connection

Expressing understanding or compassion for any problems that another person may have is a good example of how to develop an emotional connection. It’s the same with laughter. Honest and natural laughter that two people share is a good sign of emotional connection.

6. Balancing between sincere interest and self-disclosure

Even if you do not have some common veils, you can still be interested in their quality of life, their interests, passions, families … And self-disclosure must be appropriate. For example – you would not want a doctor to tell you: – Here, let me tell you about my health problems. But you certainly wouldn’t mind if the doctor told you that he has similar problems as you, how he solves them. If you don’t guess the right relationship of interest in that person and your own discovery, people will feel either that you know nothing about them or that they know nothing about you.

7. Try to think similarly

What we mean here is that you talk about what others want to talk about before you unobtrusively change the subject. For business relationships, this can refer to something that the client wants or needs. The sellers tried to give us all something we didn’t want, even when we were clear about what we really wanted.

And what now in the end? Study everything written above and think about what you should work on. You can also look at people around you who are good at making relationships and try to find out why they are so successful at connecting with others. And remember, research says that even people with the highest likeability factor will be able to have a good relationship with the maximum 85 percent they meet. While we can work on our own liking, we can’t please everyone. You know the saying – whatever we do 25 percent of people will always love us, 25 percent will never love us, and the other 50 percent will judge by our actions.

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