How to separate private life from business

Let’s be realistic, most of the messages do not refer to situations in which minutes mean millions of euros, nor are they a matter of life and death …

Today’s world is simply impossible to imagine without the Internet, mobile networks, television and all the new and less new wonders of modern technology, so it is not surprising that it is almost impossible to do business without 24-hour and unlimited Internet access and a mobile, smartphone. And when you think that today it is impossible to last only half a day without access to the WWW, it is not clear to you how people also functioned normally and did business only with landlines, fax machines and typewriters.

Although I can personally say that I belong to the IT generation, because there was a computer in my house from the beginning of my primary school education (thanks to my older brother, now an IT specialist), I remember very well the period when we lived much more slowly. If we needed information, we asked for information in encyclopedias, if we needed someone, we called on a landline and when it didn’t matter if someone would call us in the next hour, two, half a day, a day when we didn’t send messages to be ten minutes late. minutes, than we tried to get everywhere on time.

Other people’s expectations, your obligation

Maybe someone will say that those were happy, carefree times, when everyone left work much easier – at work.

Today, we all know this is not possible. Not only do most people no longer leave work at work, but they consciously bring work to their homes, so in addition to all other family worries and preoccupations, they also respond to e-mails, phone calls, make plans, make decisions, or do computer work. tablet, phone.

What has changed? Expectations in the speed of information flow have changed. Today, no one can allow themselves not to answer an e-mail, a call for a long time, not to be up to date with information circulating in other information channels, especially the Internet. But again, while you think about it a little better, is it really normal to answer panic emails or calls from a supervisor in the evening, when you are not at work? Is it really necessary to sleep with a mobile phone next to your head, to react immediately to his every message?

It all depends on the nature of the job, but of course it is not necessary. Let’s be realistic, most messages don’t refer to situations where minutes mean millions of euros or some other convertible currency. Also, for most people, the messages they receive do not mean a matter of life and death. So at least I can wait until the next working day. In addition, if you get people used to replying to all the messages and doing things at any time of the day or night, you will always need to behave that way. On the other hand, if you realize that you really have a private life, they will learn to be more patient, even try to send you messages and give you tasks only during your working hours.

Who needs two mobiles?

For this reason, many people choose to own two mobile phones, one for private purposes, the other for business purposes, or to use various software applications that can help them separate business calls, e-mails and other ways of communicating from private ones.

When they are on vacation, they block the possibility of sending e-mails and calls, with the most common question being asked. This is another good way to separate business life under private. Somewhere you just need to draw the line. Although it is usually much easier said than done, but imagine going to a place where there is no signal for mobile and internet and you just can’t help …

Living space, business space

This may not be advice that I would personally share, since I am also writing this text in the evening, comfortably seated at my desk in my living room. My defense is that this is the nature of my job. But so can 90 percent of the people who spend their evenings behind their laptops in their laps.

Experts say that carrying work at home, in your personal space, bed and couch, has a great impact on the balance between business and private life. If you consider your home as a workplace, it means that you can never run away and take a break from your work. Namely, it is important that you allocate a certain space for certain jobs. But, that’s something I can’t escape … Can you?

And geniuses go to the toilet

Did you know that many geniuses came up with their ingenious plans when they remembered the toilet? Namely, many good things, smart things come to our mind when we do some ordinary household chores – we wash, iron, clean and so we sit in the toilet. In that case, it’s a good idea to have one of your electrical gadgets or a piece of paper and a pen and write down the idea that came to your mind. The most important thing is that it does not evaporate as it came, and if it is so good, we believe that it can wait until the new working day.

Four emails and some peace

Personally, I have four different e-mails installed on my phone, because I deal with three different activities, while the fourth is private. I can say that sometimes it can be quite tiring day and night to listen to the signals for the arrival of e-mails. My solution is simple, I turn off the sound, so let them come.

When I’m out of the country, I turn off roaming, and then they don’t come again, and when I’m on vacation, email redirects my clients, business partners, commitments, and everything else to people who can do my job when I’m on vacation. The boundary between these four different e-mail accounts needs to be drawn somewhere. It is my private life, to which I am entitled, as well as all other people.

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