How to recognize that your partner is cheating on you

Before you start reading how to recognize fraud, we advise you to read the answers to the following questions:

How to recognize fraud? Is there a definition of fraud? When are scams most common? When do women cheat more? Who first recognized the fraud?

If you expect there to be some definition or, a rule that will reveal to you if your partner is cheating on you, then stay convinced that he is not cheating on you. There is no formula, you don’t even know what cheating is.

In the past, the definition of deception was simple and related to sex.

Today, however, male-female relationships are more complex and the criteria stricter, although there is still a certain difference between male and female interpretations of fraud – Male and female fraud?

There are a number of tips on how to find out if your partner is cheating on you.

The greatest number of signs of cheating is the variation of the theme of abandonment and indulgence in routine and boredom. Above all, abandonment.

If you don’t care about being an interesting partner, if you don’t challenge your spouse to be everything he or she can be, if you fail to connect emotionally with your partner, you are just a boring life partner who is on the best path to being cheated or cheating. You’re not interesting, you’re not challenging, you’re not in love. You are emotionally prepared for the deception, it remains for it to happen physically. The reasons and signs of cheating should be sought equally in yourself and in your partner.

Try to change and recover your relationship. There are certainly reasons (from children to earlier relationships). The way you can change that is first and foremost a conversation. Otherwise: Why would you continue to be in a relationship or marriage? And until when? Until you make sure you’re cheated? Or until you get caught cheating.

Instead of instructions on how to recognize fraud, here are some interesting facts related to fraud.

There is no definition of fraud

You may have never thought about it, but the fact is that there is no general definition of partner cheating. How to discover something without knowing what it is?

Everything is individual, so for some, cheating with another person is a scam, while someone admits nothing less than sexual intercourse.
In any case, neither experts nor couples can agree on a universal view of the problem of marital infidelity and fraud, which makes it difficult for many to solve the problem of infidelity.

Fraud is common in the first year of marriage

This is a very depressing fact that is unfortunately based on facts. One large survey conducted among Britons showed that 60% of people who cheat on their partners have been in a relationship for at least five years. However, it is a worrying fact that newlyweds do not hesitate to cheat, even in the first year of marriage. 18% of men and 12% of women admitted that it was unfaithful before the first anniversary.

Women cheat more during ovulation

The reason for that is that during ovulation, women feel more attractive, which is why many dress and behave more provocatively.
That makes sense, considering that they are the most fertile in that period, which is why they feel the need to reproduce.
Does this change with marriage? On the contrary. A study from the University of New Mexico showed that there is a strong link between ovulation and the increased interest of women in other men, which means that the wedding ring means nothing to them in ovulation.
One could speak of some kind of primary instinct. This would mean that the extension of the species has priority over fidelity.

Who first recognized the fraud?

It is an old saying that the husband or wife is the last to know. Neighbors, friends and acquaintances find out sooner. However, they say that men “smell” deception better. Statistically speaking, men are better able to recognize infidelity in their partners than women. Apart from the fact that many cheat themselves, so the girl’s behavior seems suspicious to them, experts say that it may have something to do with the past, when men could not be completely sure if a woman was carrying their child, until a DNA test was discovered. Suspicion is supposedly built into the male genetic code, and when you add the jealousy inherent in the stronger sex, you get a reliable detector for fraud.

And while in some Islamic countries fraud is punishable by death, in the modern world there are no sanctions, even for public figures and politicians.

How to recognize fraud

It is very difficult to catch an unfaithful partner in a scam or even find out that he is cheating on you because scammers have an advantage when it comes to infidelity. Most scams go unnoticed and unproven, because the rules of the game go in favor of those who cheat.

Why does the scam go unnoticed?

Most people have the desire and need to believe what their partner tells them. Trust in a partner creates a sense of security and comfort. No one really wants to think that their partner may be lying to him, especially when it comes to fidelity.

In fact, some people really try not to see their partner cheating, because they know that the truth would be much more painful than ignorance. This explains why mostly the wife or the husband finds out last, even when infidelity is obvious to everyone else, because that knowledge is the most painful for them.

Of course a cheating partner builds himself an advantage from this. He uses the desire to trust the other partner and tells him exactly what he knows he wants to hear (e.g. he would never cheat on you).

Signs that your partner is cheating on you

A cheating partner not only takes advantage of the partner’s desire for trust, but also tries to cover up all signs of cheating.

The signs of cheating vary a lot from situation to situation and from relationship to relationship, so it is impossible to make a list of signs that should warn you that your partner is cheating on you. And such lists can often be counterproductive.

Take e.g. the signal that is most often cited – a sudden change in the partner’s behavior. Did your husband suddenly decide to go on a diet? It can be a signal of unbelief, but it can also be for other reasons. Perhaps a partner’s sudden interest in physical activity and the child is related to recognizing the benefits they will have from a healthier lifestyle.

Looking for a signal of infidelity often deceives a suspicious partner. For example, does the partner clear the call history after each phone call? This or similar actions make the other partner anxious and arouse suspicion. And of course in that way they make it easier for the cheating partner …

Do you help cover up infidelity?

Doubt is a very strong emotion and it is difficult to hide it. It’s like jealousy. An individual who doubts his partner sends signals about his doubts by constantly observing his partner and his behavior. Of course, if the cheating partner detects the suspicion, he will try harder to cover up. He will adjust his behavior and hide all the more obvious traces of disbelief.

Simply put, a suspicious partner helps the cheater. If you show your partner signals of doubt, it will be much harder to find out the truth.
In any case, people who cheat have an advantage – both doubt and trust work in their favor.

Is my partner cheating on me?

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, do nothing until you are convinced of it, until you find solid evidence.
And while in any relationship it is useful to talk to your partner about problems, when it comes to cheating this is not the case. A person will never admit to fraud unless he is faced with solid evidence. Never ask your partner for recognition based on doubts.
Even when faced with hard evidence, some partners will still lie. Although there are many tricks for bringing partners closer or for more open communication, they do not apply to cheating.

Despite these problems, there are several practical methods you can use to detect it.

All such methods rely on research and careful observation. Of course, some of them are unethical if your suspicions turn out to be unfounded, but they are very effective.

Random findings

In most cases, the fraud is discovered quite by accident. The husband comes home earlier from work, a third person accidentally discovers the truth without knowing who he is talking to, the partner mistakenly sends an e-mail, etc.

Observing a partner

Following a partner is probably the most effective and reliable way to discover the truth without his knowledge or questions. However, spying on a partner can also cause problems. Is it ethical to spy on someone ?! On the other hand if you really want to find out the truth how to do it?

How to detect fraud?

1. Keep a diary of your partner’s activities. Write down the time, place names and other people involved in your partner’s activities, the excuses he gave you, and so on. That diary is important because you will always be able to compare what he told you with telephone devices, credit card reports, conversations with other people. Your partner will probably change your story or question your memories, which is why notes are necessary.

2. Keep track of phone calls, record time and numbers.

3. Plan surprise business visits, come home unexpectedly, or announce how you will be working late, and then come home early.

4. If you can, always ask for a complete printout of your spouse’s phone bill. Note the unusual amount of phone calls to a number. Check whose it is. Do not rely on the names entered in the phone book, check the numbers, because often under the name of a friend are hidden the numbers of lovers.

5. Never ask your partner anything, as long as you are unsure, have incontrovertible evidence and know what you are going to do. Save some evidence for last. Your partner will start questioning you to see exactly how much you know.

Before each confrontation with your partner, you must know what to do. What will you do if he admits? If he doesn’t admit it?
If you know that you will get over it, and that your partner will get involved in such a situation again, then do not burden him unnecessarily and create tense and unpleasant situations.
Signs that reveal cheating: How to know if your wife is unfaithful to you
1. Phone calls

Any change regarding phone calls or text messages, including how frequent they are, what time of day they occur, whether the voice is muted or leaves the room when someone calls her, may indicate that she is having an affair.
2. Going out with friends

If he goes out with his girlfriends much more often or in completely different places than before, it can mean that maybe there is a new “friend” in question.
3. Shower and gym

If she goes to the gym more often, it is possible that she trains more to impress a new man.

If she used to take a shower in the evening, and now she comes home and she doesn’t need that, it is possible that she has already taken a shower in another place after a hot afternoon sex.
4. Smell

Do you sometimes feel a little more masculine than usual, even if you use the same deodorant or perfume as before? Maybe like the cologne of a friend of yours? There is nothing more to say.
5. Eye contact

It is very difficult for most people to lie while looking into the eyes of someone who knows them well. If a woman lies to you when you ask her where and with whom she has been, she will most likely not be able to look you in the eye.

What to do?

Take your time and pay attention to whether these signs appear and how often. If you connect things and find out that she is really unfaithful to you, it only depends on you whether it is worth fighting for that love or your relationship is no longer saved.

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