How to keep the brain in good condition

How to keep the brain in good condition and not let the years do their thing.

Many believe that it is inevitable that brain abilities decline with age. However, this decline can be significantly slowed down, sometimes so much that you almost do not notice the difference compared to younger years, if you keep your brain active in the right way.

It is said that there is a healthy spirit in a healthy body, and that is true. If you want your brain to stay in good condition, physical activity is necessary. And not only that, it is necessary to make variations in that physical activity. Not to be confused, you don’t have to be an Olympic champion, for the needs of the brain, a daily walk is enough (of course, we don’t mean a walk from apartment to car), and as for variation, change the route from time to time, explore new walking paths and the like. It also helps if you do physical activity in a group, because meeting new people additionally activates your brain. Each new activity or variation in the old activity contributes to the maintenance and even increase of brain abilities.

Joining a group activity has another advantage. Communicating with people improves your brain abilities, because you have to think about what you hear, come up with an answer, and get acquainted with new topics. Join groups that discuss different things, so you see other people’s opinions and you can respond, and just make your brain work.

There are mental activities that are especially good for maintaining and improving brain activity. These include learning new languages, reading, various word games, crossword puzzles, puzzles. Sometimes you feel uncomfortable because something is wrong with you; it’s normal to feel that way, your brain adapts to what’s new to it. Don’t let that feeling discourage you, don’t let it discourage you, even if it seems to you that you are doing something weaker than others, it is important that you do it and learn something new. You’ll get better over time, maybe not the best, but you’ll keep your brain active, and that’s the main thing.

Just as regular exercise and proper nutrition can keep the body vital in later life, so can the brain – mental abilities don’t have to drop drastically as the years go by, not if you keep your brain active. Yesterday we wrote about some activities that have a beneficial effect on the brain, and today we list some more.

It is important to use all the senses, sight, hearing, touch, smell, taste. Each sense sends a different message to the brain, and so we learn. Try to use your senses in a different way, say, close your eyes while dressing, and use your sense of touch. Make an effort to notice something new in your environment every day, changes in the weather, new plants, animals, especially new people. Remember how you used to learn things, how you learned to write, to tie shoelaces, to ride a bike … Such memories improve mental health.

Nutrition is also important. It is important that all food groups are represented, that nothing is exaggerated, that it is moderate. The brain needs food, just like the rest of the body. It is also important that you get enough sleep and get enough rest (enough, not too much, movement is necessary), and that affects the good work of the brain and its maintenance in good condition.

As feasible as it is, remove stress from your life. If you have problems, solve them, don’t just sit and sigh over your destiny. You are looking for solutions, you will find them in time, it is important that you are active. Can’t solve something on your own? Ask for help, sooner or later you will find someone who is willing to help you. Activity instead of passivity is very important for maintaining brain abilities.

People manage to learn a new language at the age of seventy or more, to work on a computer, to dive … With the right treatment of the brain and body, it is possible to achieve.

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