How to get rid of body acidity

Learn what is an acidic and basic diet? How to get rid of acidity, how to improve the basic diet and which foods contain acid and which do not?

Acid and basic diet – what is it, is a question for many who want to know something about it. When cancer occurs, usually all previous desires become irrelevant and we all want only one thing – to get well. The first thing we start with, in addition to medical help, is a change in diet and lifestyle.

In this text, we will explain everything you need to know about acidic and basic nutrition.

Definition of pH values

The pH value is a number without a unit and determines whether a given solution has acidic (acidic) or basic (alkaline) properties.

For comparison, a scale with reference values ​​ranging from 0 to 14 is used. When the solution is acidic, the pH value is less than 7, and when the mean base pH is greater than 7. This applies to everything, both solutions and liquids, food, drugs, preparations, as well as the human body.

What is the acidity of the human body?

In healthy people, most body fluids have a basic character, while in sick people the body is mostly acidic.

The human body must maintain a pH in a very narrow range in order to survive and function the native drug testing journal. This range keeps the pH close to neutral. Food and drink change the pH of saliva.

Age can also be a factor, because children have an average pH of 7.5, while adults have more acidity, with a pH of 6.5 or lower.

The pH value of our blood is always in the range of 7.35 – 7.45. Which means our blood is slightly basic. That pH is stable and never changes during life.

Chemically speaking, our blood is a buffer – a compound that resists pH changes even with the addition of strong acids and strong bases. Any major change in the pH value of the blood per organism means instant death.

The pH value in the stomach is about 2 and belongs to the middle of a very low pH. Hydrochloric acid in it is responsible for that. Yes, you read that right, hydrochloric acid (HCl), the same “hydrochloric” acid you use to clean the toilet. All the food we eat first reaches the stomach, and such a low pH is needed for it to be digested.

Food passes from the stomach into the small intestine. In order not to damage the small intestine, the pancreas “pumps” bicarbonate ions (base) and neutralizes the acidity of the mixture from the stomach. Which means we get to pH 6.5-8 in the small intestine.

In urine, the normal pH value is from 5.5 to 6.8. This is how laboratory results are expressed, as “normal: acid reaction”.

Foods that reduce the acidity of the body

Food that reduces the acidity of the body has many positive and valuable properties, it is antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant foods.

With the modern way of life and the growing need for “fast food”, even our daily diet has completely changed and moved from basic to sour.

Acidic foods occupy a high place on the scale of causes of modern diseases such as cancer. Excessive consumption of processed foods, such as white sugar and white flour products, but also long-term consumption of carbonated beverages, even in very young people, certainly leads to over-acidification of the body.

Constant nervousness, worries, stress and mental load, hard physical work, insufficient sleep and other problems that we encounter additionally affect the acidity of the organism. Prolonged consumption of unhealthy foods causes many diseases, including cancer.

On the other hand, foods such as ginger, chard, buckwheat and berries have anticancer effects. Food that reduces the acidity of the body is not expensive and unavailable, it is on the shelves of every supermarket.

It is important to keep in mind what effect food has on our body, not whether it is acidic or basic on its own. Food that gives an acidic effect brings and leaves a hydrogen ion in our body, making the environment of our body acidic, and food that has a basic effect carries hydrogen ion, making the environment of our body basic.

Remember, if a certain food is acidic in its raw state, it does not mean that it reacts acidically even when it reaches our body. Moreover, it is quite the opposite.

Proof of this is the lemon. Although lemon is extremely sour, it has an alkaline effect on the body, while sugar, although sweet, causes an acidic reaction in the body. This actually means that the taste of food does not determine its pH value.

Fried foods, fizzy drinks, fatty fillings, sweets, snacks, industrial foods, alcoholic beverages, fast food – all fall into an unhealthy, sour diet.


Body acidity and Coca Cola

Yes, Coca Cola. The disappointing truth about the most favorite drink of today – Coca Cola causes the acidity of the body.

The active ingredient in Coca Cola is phosphoric acid. Its pH is 2.8. The effect of those little bubbles that make us incredibly energetic and happy with the first sip is really irreplaceable.

But do you know that one glass of that “magic potion” is almost 50,000 times more acidic than ordinary, neutral water? As many as 32 glasses of water are needed to neutralize the consumption of one glass of Coca Cola!

How to measure the acidity of the organism

The simplest way to measure the acidity of your body is with litmus paper. You can measure the pH of saliva or urine. The conditions must certainly be as sterile as possible. So buy a urine container and surgical gloves at the pharmacy.

Body acidity test: Collect enough sample (saliva or urine) in a container to immerse the strip. It is very important to take only 1 strip from the package and then remove the package. Because these tapes are very sensitive and can react to the environment from the air.

When the sample is ready immerse the litmus tape, hold for 2 seconds and remove. Wipe off excess liquid lightly on toilet paper, then lean the tape against the reference value shown on the package. Read the pH of your saliva or urine.

Where to buy pH test strips and how to use them?

Universal pH indicator strips (litmus paper) are narrow strips made of transparent plastic and cellulose, on which there are marked fields impregnated with specific reagents with which the acid-base reaction takes place. The analysis is fast and reliable. The tape is immersed in the liquid and changes color depending on the environment in which it is located.

There is a scale with reference values ​​on the packaging of each litmus paper. The range can be from 1-14, but more sensitive pH test strips can be found, with a much narrower range, for example from 5-8.

pH text strips can be purchased in stores of laboratory equipment, equipment for aquaristics, for home and garden, Pet shop. Of course, you can also try it in pharmacies and drugstores.

How to start with a basic diet

Practicing a diet with 70-80% of basic foods is the best way to maintain a slightly alkaline pH value in our body. (See the table of foods that create a basic and acidic environment.)

Consuming fresh plant juices every day will start the process of alkalizing your body. That’s why many people feel so good after starting a “juicing” program. (Note: Due to problems with blood sugar in some people, it is recommended to take vegetable juices, not fruit juices.

Also, eating whole fruits affects blood sugar less than fruit juice, because the fiber in the fruit slows down the processing of fructose in the body.)

However, it is interesting that by heat treatment of alkalizing (basic) foods, such as fruits and vegetables, they become acidic (acidic), if they are overcooked and prepared with oil. That is why it is best to use them fresh.

Practice more white meat (fish, turkey, chicken), and less red (beef, veal, pork, meat products). Eat a fresh salad with the meat. Season salads with lemon juice, not acetic acid.

The best way to start the day is with a glass of warm water with lemon. This powerful antioxidant gives your body the necessary electrolytes, helps digestion, cleanses the liver, stimulates the intestines and strengthens the immune system.

Take at least a liter of water every day and do some physical activity, because sweat accelerates the elimination of acidic substances from the body.


Exception in alkaline diet

There is also a small percentage of the population whose bodies are actually too alkaline. A few people who have this condition generally suffer the effects of calcium deposits. This leads to symptoms of the migratory nerve and joint pain.

Insomnia can also be a problem, and is often associated with early morning stiffness.

But stiffness improves quickly, because muscle activity produces lactic acid. It helps to neutralize the formation of alkaline compounds and restores the body’s pH balance to normal. However, we emphasize that this is a very small percentage of the population.
Basic food is medicine

In order to minimize the chances of getting various chronic diseases, we need to keep the body in a basic state. If we want to achieve that, we need to know what kind of food can help us with that. Each of us (and completely healthy people) should adhere to a basic diet. You will feel better.

For those who are ready to practice a healthy lifestyle, we recommend private health insurance as a preventive measure. Doctors will fully educate you about the alkaline diet, so that you can enjoy it with your loved ones in a carefree way. By educating one member, the whole family is educated.

And for those who are ready to protect themselves from any risk, we recommend life insurance, which will take care of you, and thus you will save.

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