How to find a girl in the easiest way

Do you feel lonely or can’t you get closer to the fairer sex? Then it’s time to change your strategy, develop tactics, equip yourself with the necessary knowledge, and take action from which you do not return without the spoils of war. In fact, no matter how it seems these days, finding a soul mate is quite easy, if you pay attention to a few things …


First things first – don’t even look for her. You repeat this to yourself until you believe what you are saying. It may sound illogical to you now, but when girls smell that you are looking for a girl, they will think that you will take whatever is offered to you. Think about your criteria, and expectations. Be realistic, look at what you can provide and then set some boundaries.

Change your strategy

Hang out. Get out of the house and hang out. As many and as many people as possible. Yes, go out, communicate, and most importantly joke as much as you can. Of course in measures of taste and decency. You will surely say: Well, everyone is boring me or I have nothing to talk to her / him / them – Make yourself! Find the time! Remember that when it comes to women, it’s never the way it looks! A big plus when hanging out is that a good friend can very easily invite you to join him on a date with a friend and her friends. The chance of surprise is higher.

Don’t think too much about others, try to provoke them, prove yourself, analyze them, chase their weak points, try to catch or notice their flaws, because, dear God, we all have them, you and I, and everyone else , so it’s no wonder if you come across something you don’t like about someone. Do not judge anyone, you will not act anything more desirable or masculine except that you will give the impression of a person who has narrower views. Accept them as they really are.


Would you like to immediately prove yourself in all the things in which you are ahead of the others and show how you are the right choice? Wait, there will be moments for that, you don’t have to do everything at once, it will act aggressively and send the wrong message than it should. We all know that true masters never brag about their skills, but implement it at the right time.


Listen to what others have to say, no matter how tedious it may sound to you, try to listen to people better, that way you will get to know them, and it is very possible that you will like someone when you meet them. Be patient. Don’t interrupt her while she’s talking, no matter how boring it may be for you, look her in the eye, and at least if you’re not interested in the fact that she’s talking right now doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll always and constantly talk about it. Try to start a topic that you know you can both talk about on an equal footing. Trick: If it’s a very annoying story, turn it to your advantage, look her in the eye and try to remember the color of her eyes, or the shape itself.

A few more things about communication

Forget bragging, or topics you would like to talk about or have a lot to say. You are not alone, respect the interlocutor and her views, but also hold on to your own. Avoid difficult topics, keep everything light and pleasant. Don’t be afraid if he handles words better than you. Carefully convince her that she is wrong if that is the case, or support her if she is right, but pay much more attention to whether she listens to you as you speak and does not look at the tree right behind you. Don’t be boring. Be witty. Think of jokes that could run through the conversation and YOU make it interesting and interesting. But with taste and measure. Don’t expect too much.

A wise man said: And beautiful girls fart, don’t they?

Where to look for it?

Forget about chat, the internet, texting on television, or some other alternative way, although they can be successful, direct access has always been the best in the history of mankind. Take a closer look around you. Is there already a female person in your wider environment who has caught your attention several times? Your friend’s friend? That is the best way, thanks to your friend, you always have the advantage of finding out what she is like and what she likes, as well as the way to approach her successfully.

Clubs and cafes

Someone caught your attention. It can be a very interesting way to get to know each other, but be careful. Don’t be intrusive. Come up with a normal sentence, not to mention the occasion, and keep the conversation quite pleasant. Impatience here means doom. If she answers your 3 questions, but does not ask you a sub-question, write failed and do not force. If you do not find an interlocutor in that person, do not despair. To be honest, girls in 99% of cases, when someone unknown approaches them, they assume that they will come up with a story that would interest them quickly, which is true, so they listened to all kinds of stories, so honesty and naturalness is a weapon against which there is no defense. . And it’s also no wonder that some girls just don’t like it, respect that, thank them for their time, and move on.

On the other hand, if she approaches you in a public place, don’t think that the thing is over, the same things are valid as if you approached her. This is the time of more aggressive women, and it’s not the same strange that she approached you, so don’t feel anything special and cheat that everything is in your hands.

To emphasize once again: Forget about looking for a girlfriend, it is better to think how you want to have a good time, with anyone who thinks the same as you, and it is a great success if you gain some new acquaintances who could later meet your dream girl.

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