How to describe yourself in a job interview

At a job interview, employers often ask you to list some of your positive traits. It is useful to prepare for this question, but also to support these traits with previous behaviors. If you do not know any situation that confirms your stated trait, then it is better not to mention it. In the following text, we will list some characteristics and skills that you should definitely mention in the following conversations if they apply to you.

1. Flexibility

Nowadays, the world of work is constantly changing. The job you come to will surely change and you need to be able to adapt to it. Your work tasks can change from day to day and it will be important to the employer that you can do whatever is required of you. Try to recall previous situations when you successfully changed the way you think and work. Show that it is not a problem for you to go beyond your limits in performing work tasks.

2. Innovation

Your business tasks and expectations from you will grow over time and the challenges you will face will not always be the same. You need to show that you are thinking ahead and not always working the old-fashioned way. Be creative in answering even some simpler questions in the conversation and you will show great innovation.

3. Organization

You will most likely have many responsibilities and tasks at work for which you will have to make priorities. Explain your organizational methods to the employer so he can see the way you think. You may be tempted to use the word multitasking, but don’t. First of all, multitasking is really impossible – you can’t do two things at the same time in a controlled way. People, who are considered to have the ability to multitask, are actually very good at shifting attention and energy from one task to another (although this loses productivity). Focus on each task, solving them in order of importance. Also, suggest how you would organize data / documentation in physical and electronic form. Being organized means that you will not waste time searching for the data you need at a certain moment, but you will be more focused on doing work tasks.

4. Efficiency

This should be mentioned and give some concrete examples from your previous experience although it is assumed that you are effective. When we give concrete examples, we mean situations where your performance has really been measured, or you have been rewarded or praised in previous companies. It is not enough to just claim that you are efficient, the employer certainly hopes that you will be, but tell us how you have improved a procedure so far or mention when you founded an organization or club. When talking about your performance, always use statistics to confirm it. People often improve their abilities, but the numbers do not lie.

5. Motivation

Show the employer that the salary is not your motivator (although of course it helps). This is a great opportunity to mention some of the volunteer activities you have been involved in. Describe what your responsibilities were and how much time volunteering took you. This will show that, no matter how busy you are with other things (school, college, work), you have found the time to do something that really interests you. You will also show that you understand how important external motivation is – you did something without expecting any reward, but only because you know that your work and work will make the world a better place.

6. Communicativeness

Communication skills are important in almost all jobs today. Highlight situations in which they have contributed to your work. Feel free to point out the ways in which you communicate with colleagues and friends and give examples in which you were open to communication, eg when you were willing to discuss your ideas or improve your work.

7. Independence

You are an adult and show that you do not need supervision all the time. This feature goes hand in hand with innovation and effectiveness – independent individuals do not bombard their supervisor with questions but do the task themselves. The company needs a person who can do the work himself and that is why he created the job. Your superiors do not have time to be with you all the time and guide you through every step of your business. Being independent means getting out of your comfort zone and trying to solve new tasks in your own way. However, if you really need some information you will ask for help. What you need to show in the interview is that you are able to work independently and solve the task you are given.

8. Ethics

While proving to the employer that you are efficient and that he should choose you for the position you are applying for, it is good to let him know that you will perform all tasks according to the rules. It is important to know that you will not be working on the surface and breaking the rules just to complete the task on time. However, please note that you will try to do everything within the given time frame.

9. Proactivity

If you possess the abilities mentioned so far, and you are not proactive, they will not come to the fore. Proactive means being ready to take action and really show what you are capable of without anyone ordering you to do so. People who take action will often fall, but those who think too much and do nothing will not achieve anything.

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